Three-bedroom house in France

A three-bedroom stunning house is going for sale in France. Beaming in high ceiling and high walls it feels like palace in here. Each room comes with its own en-suite bathrooms and have more space for more furniture and to possibly have a mini lounge in your bedroom, windows are wide enough to give you just the right amount of sunlight and small enough to give you the privacy that you need in your new home. Freshly painted and renovated, there is minimal to no wok needed to move in to the home in a country of your dreams. Located just right in the middle of the town close enough to access major public areas and transportation but far enough to give you the peace of mind and space of your own to yourself. France is a safe country with a really low crime rate allowing you to leave peacefully without constantly watching your back.

A little bit about France

France is a European country officially known is the French Republic. It settles in North Western Europe. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, the Alps and Pyrenes. This mesmerizing country lies in between the Eurasian landmass between the latitudes 42°and 51°N. It has a roughly hexagonal shape, very central to many countries with surrounding countries on the east being Switzerland, Germany and Italy, on the north east there is Belgium and Luxembourg and then the Mediterranean Sea, Span and Andora lie on the south of the country. Focusing on the north shows you the face of England across the narrow Strait of Dover. Europe puts France as the top agricultural producer and one of the world’s leading industrial powers.

Owing to its climate and arable land, France has always been the number one producer of the world’s big agricultural centres and still remains the notable agricultural icon it’s always been. More than half of the land of France is covered in vegetation where about 45% of that land is only devoted to the permanent field crops such as cereals. Of course they have the biggest modern farming technology you can come to imagine to sustain all the vegetation as need be. The country is the Europe’s leading producer and exporter responsible for more than one fifth of the Europe’s agricultural production including the oilseeds, cereals and wine. The year 2017 saw a rise in the status of France when it was ranked the first producer and exporter of cereal and beef, secondary in the production of dairy and aquaculture, third in farming of poultry vegetables and fruits and manufactured chocolate products. France has the largest cattle herd at 18 – 19 million in the whole of Europe.

Climate of France

France enjoys cool winters and mild summers except in areas around the Mediterranean where mild winters and hot summers are pretty much normal. During the winter you can expect temperatures to drop between 32°F and 46°F while the summer temperatures vary from 61° F to 75°F. The south of the country has the warmest temperature while the northern part has the coldest area.

History of France

France has had a huge role in many international affairs with almost every colony in the world. It is one of the world’s oldest nations dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. Currently, the central power belongs to its state and although the power has been granted to the country’s regions in recent decades. Many citizens depend on the state to be their primary guardian of peace and the state (France) has in turn provided its citizens with many programs to assist them in free education, free health care and pensions for the elder. The French culture has spread far in the world and influenced other countries and nations to develop the same attitudes. They pride themselves in their arts and science specifically sociology, anthropology and philosophy.

France is also known to be influential in government regulations and civil affairs of the world in giving the world important democratic ideals for the French Revolution and Enlightenment to inspire and reform the movements of revolutionary generations.

Tourist attractions in France

The most and globally known has to be the Eifel Tower. The 8000 metallic towers is a landmark as well as a feature of ingenuity. It was designed Gustave Eiffel as a temporary exhibit for the World Fair in 1889 but was loathed by critics but now stands tall as a famous landmark worldwide. The Eiffel Tower is nicknamed the Iron Lady now because of its gracefulness. It contains three levels which are much airier than you’d think and always take the breath of the visitors away each time. On the first level, there is a place to and feed your eyes with the mesmerizing views or dine at the Michelin-starred Le Jules Verne restaurant and feed your stomach with soul food, as you further go on to the top level sitting at 276 meters high you will see the outlook of Paris and beyond, vistas go on for as long as 70 kilometres on any clear sunny day.

Musée du Louvre

The stately Musée du Louvre was once a residence of royal kings and queens, it ranks among the height European collections of fine arts. Many Western Civilizations famous works are found here such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Venus de Milo sculpture, the Wedding Feast at Cana y Veronese. These collectables are here because of the royals who once lived in the Lourve. There are about 35 000 artworks that can be enjoyed at the Lourve as well as many masterpieces, it is a impossibe to see all these in one day or even a week, you end up having to choose which one will give you the most experience.

Château de Versailles

What is France without a chateau destination, Château de Versailles is one of the many famous chateaus that can be found in and around France. It honours the French monarchy before the fall of the Ancient Regime. It is an UNESCO listed monument that represents a glorious moment if Frances history when Louis XIV (Sun King) was the one who reigned during the time when the palace was set to the level of princely courts in Europe. The Château de Versailles was not always such a big monumental structure but was renovated and enlarged by Louis XIV after his father had left it to him as a lodge. The most sought after space in the palace is the Hall of Mirrors where courtiers waited for an audience with His Majesty. This gallery embraces the sparkles of sunlight which enters through the widows and is reflected of endless mirrors, it makes the whole place a delight to see.


This is where France shows its agricultural status to the world. This dreamy landscape of rolling hills of purple lavender fields is to die for. It looks like something straight out of a picture and turned into a real life size garden, words don’t do this garden enough justice, you have to see it to believe it and feel it. Many famous artists, such as Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and Cezanne have at least stopped once to mesmerize on this beauty because it is worth stopping for. Not only is Provence such a beauty to the eye, the Mediterranean beauty brings forth many cuisines such as olive oils, herbs, vegetables and aromatic herbs. Right there, there are multiple restaurants which turn this magical experience into a plate of food.

Barritz is a beach town that stands tall on its blue oceanic waters, it is situated at the Bay of the Biscay in France’s Basque country. This resort has an elegant and aristocratic air and was a favourite destination for the Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III. The couple’s palace has been turned unto Hôtel du Palais Biarritz a five star hotel containing a gastronomic restaurant and season Grande Plage beah, owing to this it has attracted over high society vacation goers since the Belle Epoque.

Côte d’Azur

Directly translating to Coast of Blue, Côte d’Azur is one of the most fashionable part of the coastline of France, it extends from Saint-Tropez to Menton close to the border of Italy. During the summer months the seaside is filled with many lovers of summer, the sun and water to enjoy the clear skies. The wealthy individuals may also be found here with their villas and yachts. Further down the town of Nice has panoramic views of the sea which will have you coming back for more and the Cannes is a popular film festival owing to its celebrity films and hotels. The best sandy beaches in this area can be found in Antibes that also contains an atmospheric Old Town and many fantastic museums. Saint Tropez has many public and private beaches where some may fish and a beautiful scenery.

Many people have bought homes away from home to turn them into business areas and it has worked out well for many individuals especially in France because the country itself is a tourist attraction. There are always visitors there for many different reasons so the country is a rich country in economy and should you decide to turn you house into a rental or business area you wouldn’t have made a loss but a huge investment for the future as homes are always appreciating in value and not decreasing.

Maybe you simply love the idea of living in France but have not quite gotten around to the actually living in it right now, you can still purchase this property and rent it out to travellers who need a place to stay or turn it into an event house for many different functions such as birthdays, parties, weddings etc. France is a beautiful country and it lacks nothing, the weather is just as great as the place itself. The houses here are stunning and there are so many activities to do you will never feel bored of have nothing to do. A fine country that boasts in culture and agricultural status, you’ll always be assured of fresh produce when you need it. It caters for ever age group and is a great place to start a family of even retire in.

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