The benefits of owning a french chateau with a walled garden

Walled Gardens

There is something undeniably appealing about a walled garden. Having it in your back or front yard is like having the garden of Eden of your own making in your home. Gardens are naturally peaceful and stress relieving. Owning a home with a garden is the closest thing to having a therapist on call. They have been proven to be good for your bones and heart due to the gardening weight-bearing exercise and reduce the risk of dementia. For those who do not have hobbies, gardening might be the one for you. It’s a hobby that is easy to practice, with clear health benefits and a hobby with no time limit because you can do it till the end of your days.

A walled garden provides protection for the flowers and plants you would have planted in your little Eden; protection from the wind, animals, and for those who have families, from children too. You can grow ingredients for your green salad in your own yard; no more walking to the shops to get vegetables. There is something greatly refreshing about cooking vegetables fresh from mother nature. Its amazing waking up to the fresh aroma of your favorite dish made using the products of your hard work. In the garden you can plant whatever your heart desires (brussels, leeks, cabbage, kale, parsnips, lambs’ lettuce, chard, oriental greens, strawberries, currants, gooseberries, tayberries, raspberries, Worcester berries, etc.). some people generally do not like being outdoors, but all of us as humans, we do need to go outside and connect with nature and get some exposure to vitamin D, and now instead of going out and interacting with other people, you can get all these at the comfort of your own home, with a walled garden.

Chateau With a Walled Garden

A chateau is already a dream for everyone that grew wishing for a fairytale; adding a walled garden to it just completes the set. A walled garden and a chateau scream dreams come true; you walk into a palace into a heaven of your own making. Traditionally fairytales have a walled garden in them, and in those gardens, the royals made beautiful memories. This goes to show that owning one really brings out the magic in your life.

Why Would You Buy a French Chateau?

French chateaus represent luxury, wealth, and power. They were created for the wealthy in the old ages; they were meant to show anyone who approached the home that there was a “somebody” living in it, so not just anybody had it. but times have changed now. French chateaus are now incredibly affordable, so anyone can now be a “somebody”. With its undoubtably high elegance, you are bound to always wake up feeling like a king; a walled garden would just enhance that feeling. The demand for chateaus is currently rising so if you do not act quick you might end up paying two arms and a leg to live in your dream house. They come with history in its walls and an obvious sense of accomplishment, and the compliments will be a bonus.

Buying a chateau in this current economy will mean great rewards for you in the future of the house market. Since 2021 house prices have risen in France by 9,4% so that means those who bought houses earlier last year can sell their houses this year and get great returns still. France’s economy is currently going up, so there cannot be a better place to own a home for whatever reason. It could be to rent it out or to live in it yourself with your family.

Investing in a French chateau

France is the most visited country in the world by tourists. It has tourist attractions in every city corner and each part of it is something to be admired, Paris being the most known tourist attraction in the country. Tourists visit France to experience the French lifestyle and living and what is a better way for them to experience this than renting out a chateau for their holiday. You can rent out your newly born chateau and give tourists a full royal French experience. Tourists in France travel throughout the year, in every season, so you will never not have customers for your little royal haven.

Your target market can be both tourists and locals. Some people who are originally from France but prefer simpler living sometimes go touring in their own country, and since not everyone in France lives in a castle, they would love to have the experience of luxury living in the chateau. We all want to be treated like kings, even if it’s just for a day.

Benefits of investing in a chateau

Purchasing a French château is one of the best financial decisions you can take as a human being in this time and age. Chateaus are currently inclining in value and demand, so you can even buy invest in an old one and renovate it to sell it at a higher price to make a profit. They are usually situated in desirable locations, thus making them great as rental places. The castle when preserved properly, can always make money for you. Chateaus due to their sizes will demand high maintenance fees, but with the right plan for it you will not even notice. You can buy it to use it as a home for your big family and that house could take care of them when you are gone because of its value in the market at that time. They could sell it and move into smaller apartments. Either way you look at it, purchasing a chateau at the right price with the right plan for it will give nothing but beautiful financial results.

Buying property in France

Buying property in France is as easy as 123. If you are buying property, it is best to seek professional help before making any hasty decisions. If you do not know the location, it is best to first rent the house for at least a month while you are still deciding on your final decision. Renting before buying gives you a fair chance at exploring the area and knowing the market. You will need to first realize what you are going to see the property for and that will make the process easier for you because it is going to help you choose the right location for it. Are you buying to start a family and raise your children in a quiet secluded place, or are you buying it to attract tourists and make it a bed and breakfast? After deciding on this you then filter your search accordingly and this also makes the job simpler for the hired help.

Go through all possible choices; do not just choose the first one you find or the first one you like, because the next one could be better. France has a lot of cities and all with their own culture and their own advantages, so also use that information when buying property there. In France, foreigners can also own property as long as they provide all necessary documentation. Currently, about 5.8 percent of all property in the country is owned by foreigners. Basically, anyone in the world can own a French chateau; anyone in the world can be a king in their own French castle.

The extra fees

Purchasing a property obviously comes with some sort of extra fees. You will have to pay admin fees, insurance, notary fees (a collection of regional and local taxes on property purchases that total roughly 8 percent of the property price) and estate agent fees. Regardless of these other fees you pay, France still has relatively cheap houses within Europe and that is because of land availability. Different cities might have different local taxes and the amount you will have to pay annually depends on additional factors. These factors include:

  • Have you been a full-time resident in France?
  • Do you pay income tax in France?
  • How long have you owned your property?
  • The price of the purchased property?
  • Is it your primary residence?
  • How do you rent it (furnished or not furnished)?

Purchasing a chateau in this case comes with its own benefits. Since they are a part of France’s heritage, the French government has put various schemes and tax benefits that help chateau owners. The Malraux law grants the taxpayer a tax reduction for any improvements, restorations, and renovations to the property. The homeowners who classify their castles as historical buildings or on the invantaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques (ISMH) get plenty more benefits such as public subsidies, an inheritance exemption or tax gifts given the new homeowner is not part of the family of the previous owner and a possible deduction of land charges regarding the property.

Living in France

France is a beautiful country, rich in history, culture, and festivals. Part of its usual activities and culture involve brioches, magnificent art galleries (The Louver, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Musée d’Orsay, Center Pompidou etc.) and wineries (Château de l’Engarran, Laverune, Cos d’Estournel, Bordeaux, Château Lafite-Rothschild, Bordeaux etc.). culture has a little bit of everything for everyone, you can either live in the beautiful, peaceful countryside or in the colorful, vibrant cities. There is a lot to consume with the plenty UNESCO world heritage sites located in almost every part of the country.

There is a lot to keep you occupied yet learning. You can tour castles and vineyards ski or hike I the Alps, or take a day out on the beautiful glistening white sand beaches. France has universal healthcare so that will be a benefit for the whole family. France has a lot of food varieties which you will never get tired of. The streets have an irrefutable electric feeling, and every curve has a beautiful surprise to it. it would be a great country to live in or retire in, especially if you are going to spend the rest of your days in a castle with the Garden of Eden in the backyard.

France has a mandatory law that grants workers a paid leave of 30 days, as a worker (besides a raise) what more would you need. France also has 27 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars, which is the most in any country in the world right now, so that means you are going to have the best time going in and out of restaurants and having a hard time choosing your favorite. To live in France is cheaper than any other European country, so that means you get the best restaurants, best wine , best healthcare and best castles for a fraction of the price. If you are not moving into a castle in France, where are you moving to?

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