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The beautiful region of Picardy

Picardy is very imperative to France’s economy as it produces 25 percent of all France’s agricultural exports. It is not a major tourist destination. Agriculture is a key activity in this region, growing crops like sugar beets, wheat, barley, and potatoes. It also has traditional industries like Saint Quentin and the still existing Saint Gobain, which dates to the 17th century for mirror manufacturing. The region has major France industries for metal working and the manufacture of automotive parts, plastics, chemicals, and rubber, all located mostly in Amiens and along the Oise valley. Due to the region’s high agricultural activities, it also has food processing industries diversified into frozen foods and ready-to-eat meals. The region is fertile with very clean fresh air. The region’s population is not that high compared to other cities due to its activities.

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The history of Picardy

The people who resided in the region in ancient times used pike as weapons, which is where the name Picardy of the region came from. In the early 13th century is when the name was first used in which then it applied to all regions where the Picard language was spoken. From the 5th century occupied by the Salian Franks, the area formed part of the Frankish empire. During the feudal system it enclosed the six courtships of Ponthieu, Amiénois, Boulogne, Vermandois, Montreuil, and Laonnois. King Philip II Augustus united Amiénois and Vermandois in 1185 to his domain yet Ponthieu was held by the English as a fief from 1279 till 1360. The dukes of Burgundy obtained Ponthieu, the Somme towns and Mont Didier under the treaty of arras in the year 1435. Louis IX conquered the region for France in 1477. After the signing of the 843 treaty of Verdun, the region became part of western Francia. during the year 1358 it was the center of the Jacquerie peasant revolt. From the 16th century to the ancient regime in 1789 the region encompassed the Somme River basin, from Saint-Quentin to the English Channel; the basins of the Serre and of the upper Oise, and Montreuil on the Canche beyond the Authie. World War 1 occurred mostly in the Picardy region and had a song called Roses of Picardy which reflected on the bloodshed that occurred in the region. World War 2 also occurred in the region in 1940 and 1944. As a plan to increase bureaucratic efficiency, the region was merged with Nord–Pas-de-Calais in 2016.

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Picardy weather

The weather in Picardy is hugely impacted by the Atlantic Ocean (cold and dry continental polar air). The region may have different climates throughout the area. In winter the region is generally wet and cold. The region also gets perverting coolness and semi humidity air. In this season it also gets strong winds, especially at the border of the coast. Snow can accumulate and persist for days on the heights of Bray and Thiérache. During summer is short in the Picardy region with temperatures ranging between 17 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius.

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How to buy a house

Buying a house is a step that all of us should take at some point in our adult life. This shows settling and some level of maturity and commitment. I am here to guide you in your journey.

Buying a house starts with the obvious step of house hunting. You have to decide where you want to live, and that also has to be aligned with your budget and your reason for buying the house. You have to consider the area you are moving to and know what you will be getting yourself into. Know the area’s security, the access to shopping centers, public transport, work and schools. You should ask the neighbors and the estate agent about the property.

When going to purchase a house you need to have a budget, and within the budget you should include the deposit and all the other fees that need to be paid thereof. You will sometimes need to pay admin fees or some local taxes and also pay the realtor.

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Ensure you also look at the other costs that need to be made after incurring the house. Properties usually need taxes to be paid after, or some sort of monthly fees or levies, electricity, property insurance, water, removal costs, telephone and internet connection fees, satellite TV set-up and connection.

Never forget all these small costs because they might put you way out of budget if not considered in the beginning. Preapproval will help you understand your budget limitations.

Always go with a deposit to put down, sellers usually react better to buyers who already have some sort of payment and can allow you to have some leverage to negotiate.

One of the most important things to do when purchasing property is to read the papers before signing them so you know what you are getting yourself into and keep the documentation and make copies if you can.

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Purchasing a house in France

France has a good and stable economy. Investing in property in the country is a very smart decision, especially looking at the fact that since the pandemic the house market has only been gaining power. Buying a house in France is relatively cheaper compared to other European countries and this is because of the availability of land in France and also because France offers a few incentives for he first time home buyers.

Different types of houses in France

Buying property in France will definitely have you spoiled for choice. Due to the different cultures and different climates in the country, it allows every region to have its own styles of houses and even in those regions there still is a great variety of house types. There are different types of houses to purchase on the market ranging in size from a single bedroom home to a castle or villa. Whatever budget you have you will get something you will like and afford in France. Most of these houses come with a lot of heritage, which you can enjoy exploring with your family. The most bought house are usually traditional stone cottages which are usually found in rural areas of the country. You can also have more luxurious homes like the villas or the well-known prestigious chateaus. The house you buy all depends on your taste and budget. You can even own a house by the beach if that’s your cup of tea.

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Climate of Picardy

The weather of Picardy is characterized by cold and dry continental air consisting of wet and fresh air masses coming straight from the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is not consistent as it differs by the area that you are in Picardy. The weather is usually more wet and rainy in the winter months with cold and persistent coolness at the border of the coast; the average rainfall is equivalent to 687 mm per year. Therefore, this is not a dry area. Winter can go to temperatures of as low as 3°C but do not go below zero, so no need to worry about the snow if you are not an individual who enjoys the snow. Summer is a much shorter season than winter, with temperatures ranging between 17°C and 20°C approximately. Nonetheless, the sun still rises all day of the year with an average of 1 600 hours of summer every year. Picardy is more suitable for individuals that prefer mild weather and do not like too much heat or high temperatures.

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Festivals in Picardy

Picardy is a region filled with culture; festivals start from February till the festive every year. The festivals draw in a lot of tourists and locals who will travel just to celebrate. The festivals that are celebrated in the Picardy region are as follows.

Festival de l’Oiseau et de la Nature – it is held in April every year for over a week. It is the festival of birds and nature for bird enthusiasts. The festival aims to make the most of bird watching opportunities in the Somme Bay; the participants can also participate in workshops, walks, French films. lessons and exhibitions.

La Fête Jeanne d’Arc – also called the Joan of Arc festival and takes place in Compiègne. It is basically a re-enactment of Joan of Arc’s last visit to the town, which was before her capture on 23 May 1430. At the festival a young lady plays her and attends mass, as Joan would have. Then a parade is done through town and Joan is finally escorted to the bridge where she meets her final tragic fate; she is captured.

La Fête des Roses – also called the town of roses, it plays host to this annual rose festival. It only goes on for a day. June annually is when the festival is held in the medieval town of Gerberoy. This town is placed under the most beautiful towns in France. During the festival roses proliferate the roads, balconies, and special venues around the town. During the festivals there are stalls all over the streets and celebration occurs throughout the day, through singing and dancing.

Les Fêtes du Bouffon – this is a three-day festival of the jester. It is held in June annually in Saint-Quentin. This festival was inspired by artistic representations of jesters found on the faces of and in the town walls. The festival is celebrated by dance, parades, singing and music. The giant effigies of Hebert and his wife Eleanor are the main focus of the festival.

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Foire aux Fromages – cheese lovers gather every year in La Capelle for this cheese fair. It features all kinds of imaginable cheese the world has to offer, yoghurts and more dairy products. The people who come because they love cheese get to explore with their taste buds while the cheesemakers compete for various prizes and honors according to their dairy products.

There are many houses going for sale in Picardy and there is so much to be gained. The investment is not in vain but will pay off in the near future. France is a very rich country in culture, tourism, economy and business. There is much money to be made in the country; you will be amazed at how much a house worth so low right now might have tripled in price in the next few years. Even for people who are not sure that they want to spend the rest of their lives living in France, they are welcome to buy the home as an investment property. There are no major renovations that need to be done unless you aim to flip the house into something of your own taste. It is important to always have savings and there has never been a better way to do that than an investment property in France.

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