Houses for sale near Anglet, France

Nestled along the stunning southwestern coast of France, Anglet is emerging as a hidden gem for real estate investment. With its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultural scene, and a thriving economy, this coastal town has become an increasingly attractive destination for property investors seeking both lifestyle and financial gains. In this article, we’ll explore the compelling reasons why people should consider investing in property in the charming area of Anglet.

  1. Prime Location and Accessibility:

Anglet benefits from its strategic location, situated in the heart of the Basque Country and conveniently positioned between the popular cities of Biarritz and Bayonne. The region is easily accessible, with Biarritz Pays Basque Airport serving as a gateway for international travelers. Additionally, Anglet’s proximity to major highways and railway networks makes it an ideal location for those looking to enjoy the tranquility of a coastal town while maintaining easy access to urban amenities.

  1. Spectacular Beaches and Outdoor Lifestyle:

One of Anglet’s primary attractions is its stunning coastline, boasting some of the finest beaches in the region. Miles of golden sand and excellent surfing conditions attract water enthusiasts, making it a haven for beachgoers and surfers alike. For property investors, this means potential rental income from tourists and locals seeking the perfect seaside retreat. The emphasis on outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle also adds value to the area’s real estate market.

  1. Cultural Richness and Authenticity:

Beyond its natural beauty, Anglet exudes a rich cultural heritage, blending Basque traditions with modern influences. Charming local markets, festivals, and traditional Basque architecture create an authentic atmosphere that appeals to those seeking a unique living experience. This cultural richness not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also contributes to the area’s long-term appeal and property value appreciation.

  1. Economic Stability and Development:

The Basque region, including Anglet, has experienced steady economic growth and development in recent years. The local economy is diverse, with sectors such as tourism, technology, and renewable energy playing pivotal roles. Investors can benefit from a stable economic environment that provides potential for property appreciation and a robust rental market.

  1. Growing Tourism Industry:

Anglet’s reputation as a sought-after tourist destination is on the rise, attracting visitors from around the world. The growing tourism industry presents an opportunity for property investors to capitalize on the demand for short-term rentals. Whether through traditional vacation rentals or emerging trends like Airbnb, property owners in Anglet can tap into the lucrative tourism market.

Here are some houses in the area:

1. Exceptional Contemporary House in Anglet with Pool, Tranquil Setting, and Proximity to Beaches


Nestled at the end of a secluded cul-de-sac, this contemporary house in Anglet, built in 2017, offers a privileged and tranquil living experience. With 4 bedrooms, including a suite with a dressing room, each boasting a private bathroom and toilet, the house ensures optimal comfort. The living room, dining area, and kitchen seamlessly blend with the outdoor space through pocket windows, creating a unique and expansive living area. The house, facing a protected natural area and equipped with high-end appliances, reversible air conditioning, and a jacuzzi, is designed to provide a quiet, discreet, and quality lifestyle on the beautiful Basque Coast, just a stone’s throw away from the beaches and Biarritz.

Price: 2 590 000 €

2. Bright and Spacious House near Phare Golf Course, Anglet


This beautiful house in Anglet, situated in proximity to Biarritz and the Phare golf course, boasts a bright and spacious interior. The residence, completely renovated with taste, features a living room, dining area, and an open kitchen that seamlessly connect to large and luminous spaces, opening onto a south-facing garden. With the beaches just a short bike ride away, and the shops of the Larochefoucauld and Saint Charles districts within minutes, the location offers both convenience and leisure. Enjoy the perfect blend of modern comfort and a prime location in this thoughtfully designed and tastefully renovated home.

Price: €1,785,000

3. Timeless Elegance: Renovated 1950s Masterpiece


Step into the refined world of architectural excellence with this exceptional residence, originally designed by visionary architect Andre Pavlovky in the 1950s and recently transformed through a total renovation in 2022. Nestled in the heart of the Basque Coast on over 2000m2 of land, the house boasts modern lines, artistic flair, and functionality. The 346m2 interior spans three levels, featuring harmonious living spaces on the main floor and two expansive suites on the garden level for privacy and comfort. Upstairs, a luxurious master suite awaits, creating a serene atmosphere. Outside, a majestic 20m swimming pool is surrounded by a landscaped garden, complemented by a workshop, pool house, garage, and outdoor parking spaces. Discover a unique and unforgettable living experience in this idyllic setting, inviting you to explore the perfect blend of history and contemporary luxury.

Price: €1,679,600

4. Modern Luxury in Anglet: Contemporary 4-Bedroom House with Heated Pool


Discover the epitome of modern luxury in Anglet with this contemporary 320m² house, strategically located close to Chiberta and the beaches. Situated on a generous 1,123m² plot facing south, the residence features a heated pool, offering a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. The spacious interior includes a large living room that seamlessly opens onto the garden and swimming pool. With 4 bedrooms and 4 well-appointed shower rooms, this home provides a harmonious balance of style and functionality. Immerse yourself in the coastal charm and convenience, as this property offers a unique living experience in the heart of Anglet.

Price: €3 255 000

5. Charming Townhouse in Anglet: 3-Bedroom Gem with Garden and Mountain View


Positioned for sale in the sought-after area between Maignon and Brindos in Anglet, this delightful townhouse spans approximately 113m2, boasting a well-maintained garden. With a layout across two levels, the residence features a living room with an open kitchen and a veranda, three bedrooms (one with a balcony showcasing mountain views), an office, two bathrooms, and two toilets. The garden, facing south and offering privacy, provides independent access and includes a shed for tool storage. Recently constructed and in excellent condition within a small residence, the house ensures quick and convenient access to Biarritz, Anglet, and Bayonne. Parking is facilitated with the option to park a vehicle in front of the house, enhancing the overall appeal of this inviting property.

Price: €651,000

In conclusion, Anglet stands out as a hidden gem for real estate investment along the southwestern coast of France. This charming coastal town, nestled between the popular cities of Biarritz and Bayonne, offers a prime location and excellent accessibility, making it an attractive destination for both lifestyle seekers and investors alike. The combination of spectacular beaches, a vibrant outdoor lifestyle, rich cultural heritage, economic stability, and a growing tourism industry make Anglet a compelling choice for property investment.

The properties showcased in this article exemplify the diverse real estate opportunities available in Anglet. From contemporary houses with luxurious features and tranquil settings to bright and spacious residences near golf courses, each property reflects the unique character and lifestyle that Anglet has to offer. Whether it’s a renovated 1950s masterpiece exuding timeless elegance or a modern luxury house with heated pools, these properties capture the essence of Anglet’s appeal.

As the Basque region continues to experience steady economic growth and development, investors can benefit from a stable environment with potential for property appreciation and a robust rental market. The growing tourism industry further adds to the investment potential, providing opportunities for short-term rentals and capitalizing on the increasing demand from visitors around the world.

In summary, Anglet not only presents a sound financial investment but also promises a high quality of life for residents. The unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and economic stability positions Anglet as a promising destination for those looking to invest in real estate that offers both financial returns and a fulfilling lifestyle.

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