Houses for sale in Fort-de-France, France

Nestled on the picturesque Caribbean island of Martinique, Fort-de-France stands out as a unique and enchanting destination for those seeking a blend of cultural richness, natural beauty, and a laid-back lifestyle. Investing in a house in Fort-de-France presents an exciting opportunity to not only own a piece of this tropical paradise but also to embrace a vibrant community and diverse experiences.

  1. Cultural Delights: Fort-de-France is the cultural hub of Martinique, boasting a rich history and a lively arts scene. The city is home to numerous museums, galleries, and historical landmarks that showcase its colonial past and Creole influences. Residents can immerse themselves in the local culture by attending festivals, enjoying traditional cuisine, and exploring the vibrant markets.
  2. Breathtaking Natural Beauty: Surrounded by lush landscapes and stunning coastline, Fort-de-France offers residents a daily dose of natural beauty. The nearby beaches, such as Les Salines and Anse Mitan, provide opportunities for relaxation, water sports, and breathtaking sunsets. The Balata Gardens, a tropical botanical garden, offer a serene escape into nature.
  3. Mild Climate and Tropical Paradise: One of the key attractions of Fort-de-France is its tropical climate. The city enjoys warm temperatures throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a sun-soaked lifestyle. The gentle trade winds and consistent weather make outdoor activities a year-round pleasure.
  4. Excellent Infrastructure: Fort-de-France boasts modern infrastructure, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for its residents. The city features well-maintained roads, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and a range of amenities. Whether you’re a young professional, a family, or a retiree, Fort-de-France offers a supportive environment for various lifestyles.
  5. Strong Investment Potential: Investing in real estate in Fort-de-France can be a prudent decision due to the city’s growing popularity and economic stability. The demand for homes in this tropical haven is on the rise, providing potential buyers with an opportunity for long-term appreciation in property value.

Explore Your Dream Home in Fort-de-France: To help you embark on this exciting journey, we have curated a list of houses currently available for sale in Fort-de-France. From charming colonial-style homes to modern beachfront properties, our selection caters to diverse preferences and budgets. Take the first step towards making Fort-de-France your home by browsing our curated listings, and find the perfect residence that aligns with your vision of a tropical paradise.

1. Villa Tropicale: Spacious 3-Bedroom Home with Pool on an 800 m2 Plot


The Villa Tropicale is an expansive 160 m2 residence nestled on a generous 800 m2 plot, featuring a customizable swimming pool to suit your preferences. Constructed in 2010 and meeting seismic standards, this property boasts a well-maintained environment in a sought-after subdivision. With main drainage, the house offers a comfortable living space of 156 m2, comprising two living rooms, a dining room, a modern kitchen, a pantry, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and an office. The practical layout includes an uncovered terrace of approximately 50 m2, an outdoor garage, and an additional parking space. The villa is characterized by its spacious and bright design, utilizing quality materials and thoughtful room arrangements. The lush garden, adorned with palm trees, contributes to a refreshing ambiance, creating a tranquil atmosphere throughout the property.

Price: €566 000

2. Charming 1902 Historic Residence with Expansive Garden and Pool in Fort de France


This enchanting historic house, dating back to 1902, is available for sale in Fort de France, situated along the Route de Redoute. The property boasts a T3 main house on two levels, featuring two bedrooms (one with an attached bathroom), a spacious living room, a hallway, a large terrace, and an outdoor kitchen. Additionally, a T2 outbuilding and a studio contribute to the diverse offerings of this residence. The property is complemented by an extensive garden, including a refreshing swimming pool, all situated on a substantial 3,172 m² plot. Two parking spaces and a garage are provided for convenient vehicle parking. With a living space of 235 m² and a land size of 3,172 m², this residence combines historical charm with modern amenities, offering a unique and spacious living experience in a desirable location.

Price: €1 300 000

3. Spacious 5-Room Residence with Garden: Fort-de-France Gem


This well-maintained 5-room house is now available for sale in Fort-de-France (97200), showcasing a generous living space of 184 m² and an expansive 889 m² south-facing plot. The interior, in excellent condition, features a welcoming living room, four bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and three bathrooms. Adding to its appeal, the property includes four parking spaces, a terrace, and two balconies. Conveniently located near schools and a library, with Martinique-Aimee-Cesaire Airport just 10 km away, this residence offers a blend of comfort and accessibility. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact our advisors to schedule a first visit and explore the potential of this inviting 5-room house.

Price: €495 000

4. Tranquil Hillside Haven: Laforêt Cluny’s Desirable Villa in Fort-de-France


Laforêt Cluny presents a captivating villa nestled in a sought-after and serene area in the heights of Fort-de-France. This well-appointed property features a spacious layout, with a large living room, dining area, and a semi-open, fully equipped kitchen on the upper level. The through rooms open onto an illuminated balcony terrace overlooking the swimming pool and lush vegetation. The upper level also houses four expansive master suites, each offering air conditioning, ample storage, and a private bathroom for moments of relaxation. A hidden gem of this charming house is the tiled PATIO, offering a bar/summer kitchen, a JACUZZI, a summer lounge, and a sports room—all sheltered for enjoyment in any weather. Additionally, a ground-floor STUDIO with a bedroom and bathroom adds to the versatility of this inviting residence. Experience the tranquility and luxury of this unique hillside retreat.

Price: €628 000

5. Versatile Hillside Villa with Panoramic Views: Sophie SCHAMBER’s Unique Property in Fort-de-France


Sophie SCHAMBER proudly presents a two-level villa with immense potential, perched on the heights of Fort-de-France. The garden level features a flexible layout of 11 rooms, providing the opportunity to customize the space according to your needs. Recent renovations, including tiling, plumbing, and electrical upgrades, have already been undertaken. On the upper floor, a fully renovated Type 3bis apartment awaits, offering a modern kitchen opening onto a spacious 29m2 living room with a bay window that leads to the stunning L-shaped terrace spanning 34m2, providing breathtaking and unobstructed views. The apartment includes a master bedroom with an ensuite shower room and WC, a second bedroom, a separate WC, a shower room, and an office. The property is complemented by a two-level outbuilding (53m2, for renovation) in the garden and a fenced park of 1820m2 with six parking spaces. Explore the possibilities of this exceptional property with its unique blend of potential and panoramic charm.

Price: €467 000

In conclusion, Fort-de-France emerges as an extraordinary destination, seamlessly blending cultural richness, natural beauty, and a relaxed lifestyle. The city’s vibrant arts scene, historical landmarks, and Creole influences make it a captivating cultural hub, while its breathtaking landscapes and tropical climate offer a daily dose of natural beauty. Fort-de-France’s modern infrastructure, coupled with its economic stability, enhances its appeal for those considering a real estate investment. The curated list of available properties showcases the diversity and charm the city has to offer, from historic residences to modern villas, each presenting a unique opportunity to make this Caribbean paradise a home. Whether you are drawn to the historic charm of a 1902 residence or the panoramic views offered by a hillside villa, Fort-de-France beckons with enticing possibilities. Embark on this exciting journey, explore the curated listings, and find the perfect residence that aligns with your vision of a tropical haven. Fort-de-France invites you to not only own a piece of paradise but also become part of a welcoming community and embrace a lifestyle that seamlessly combines luxury with tranquility.

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