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French history and culture

France is the third largest country in Europe. It is an independent nation rich in both history and culture. In ancient times it was part of Gallia; i.e., Celtic territory. It got its name from the Latin word Francia, which means country of the Franks. French were a nation of Germanic people that conquered the land during the fifth century, around the time of the fall of the western Roman empire. Since the 17th century France has been a big part of the roles played in the development of Europe.

Julius Caesar led the Romans into Gallia while it was still being dominated by the Celts. The Celtic tribes lost to Roman troops, and that’s how the first Roman province was established in the country in the area of Narbonne. Marseilles allied with the Romans, as they were very powerful at that time, and a great rival to the Carthaginians. It became a vital trading center for merchandising. After the passing of the Gallic wars in the years 58 BC and 51 BC Caesar built a town called Lutetia, which would later become the Paris we know today.

Romans introduced the Christian religion onto France in the second century. From the third century settlers from the east started invading the territory and the Gauls made alliances with the local lords for protection, and that is when the Feodal system was first known to exist. Clovis led the Franks in multiple invasions to conquer Gallic territory, and he became the first Frankish King. After the victory the land was then given the name Francia (France in modern French). Christianity was then adopted when he became king and got baptized in the Cathedral of Rheims. He then initiated the Merovingian Dynasty in the fourth century.

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Why buy a house on French coast

France is the most visited country in the world by tourists. Being that much of a tourist attraction, it gives you as a buyer more reason to purchase a house in France. The land is undoubtedly scenic, with its beautiful villages and towering mountains and its marvelous countryside and splendid cities, it will always have some eye candy for the wondering eyes. France has a very convenient location when it comes to travel; its location adds to its beauty as a tourist attraction because you can get a flight to France from many major airports in Europe. Since the pandemic caused a lot of countries’ economies to be affected badly, France has been recovering best compared to any other country in the world. The French economy is getting stronger by the day. The housing market has also not been affected by the pandemic; it has been going up strong. This is because when the pandemic shocked the world, France, just like other countries continued supporting its citizens and their businesses. If you need a house to invest in Europe, look no further, France would be the best choice you can make for yourself, your family or your business.

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Solid investment

A house on the beach can be great for your finances and health. A house on the beach can be turned into a holiday let which will be in demand throughout the year due to its convenient location or a peaceful home for you and your family. A beach comes with a lot of privacy and if chosen properly you can also have your own private beach. A beach house will always be in demand throughout the year. Tourists will want to enjoy that privacy at the French coast. France is well known for its beautiful beaches so tourists will want to experience that during their brief stay in France. What’s beautiful about coastal homes is that not everyone can have them, so even the locals will always want to come and enjoy their stay there a couple of times a year. So, if you are buying the coastal house to rent it out, you will make a lot of profit, because there shall always be someone who wants to come and stay at the beach.

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Benefits of owning a house on the coast

Owning a beach house is something to brag about yet the property itself is not the only thing to admire about owning one. The natural setting of a coastal house gives plenty of opportunity to exercise and this can be done by a morning jog at the beach or a swim in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The beach has exceptional air quality that is sure to leave you feeling fresh and on your way to a beautiful goodnight sleep calmed by the ocean sounds. According to research, the sound of waves later changes the wave patterns in our brains leading to this peaceful and calm feeling you cannot shake off. This will help rejuvenate your mind and body.

Since the beach is an open space, the sun hits it whenever it is out, so when you are having your time by the beach you will be sunbathed, and this automatically secretes good chemicals in our bodies that make us feel less stressed. You can never have a bad day at the beach.

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French culture

For those who choose to live within the borders of France, it offers a unique cultural experience. The French have a beautiful history of music, art, literature, and cuisine. All these were affected over the years by all the history that France holds i.e., by the colonizers of the country, and the neighboring countries. All different cities and regions carry different histories, and thus have different architecture and different cuisines. When living I France, you will get the chance to experience all these wonders firsthand. France also has a lot of festivals throughout the year so you will never not have fun in this country.

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Buying a house on the coast gives you an opportunity to live in a peaceful coastal setting.

France is known for its picturesque white sand beaches and buying a house there is the best way to enjoy the fresh air it brings and the peace of mind. The coastal villages are very beautiful and quiet, filled with friendly French. Coasts are usually encompassed by beautiful beaches. In this world of ever stressing about something, everyone needs that place where they can just relax and let go for a while. A coastal home comes with ocean sounds that soothe and a beautiful scenic environment that is sure to keep you in good spirits all the time.

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Activities to do on the coast

Living near the beach means you have a lifetime of fun activities you can do at home. When you live at the coast you do not have to pay to see sea life. If interested, you can learn to deep dive and swim with the dolphins. Now you do not have to pay to do the simple sea activities you so love. Coastal houses are usually surrounded by mountains and beaches. you can choose to hike whenever you feel like it. Hiking is a good way to exercise while also enjoying the fresh air and mood boosts that nature provides, and because you live on the coast when you come back you =can just take dive into the ocean to cool down. there is really no limit on the things you can accomplish by just purchasing a house on the coast.

Some people love eating sea food, and for those with coastal houses that’s a privilege they can afford to have. France does not require a fishing license or fishing permit for you to fish in public waters, so you know what that means? That means you can go fishing in your own front yard instead of going to buy meat at the market. This is something that can turn into a hobby for the whole family and the good thing about it is the sense of accomplishment when you are feeding your family with fish you caught yourself. Another hobby you can start on is surfing. Since you live right next to the because you can even teach yourself at the comfort of your own home. If you are nervous about it, it is okay because no one will see you as you will have your own private beach. If that is not what you want to do, you can even try other water sports like kayaking, waterskiing, jet ski racing or kitesurfing.

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After you buy this coastal house story time will never be the same. Bonfires feel different when you are lounging on the beach with your friends or family. You can even show off your singing talents, mix it up with some dance and laughter, and enjoy the life you have chosen, on the beach. For those fascinated by the sea life, you will never get enough of what the French coast has to offer, in and out of the ocean. Sharing all these memories will never be the same as you will be capturing moments in the sun next to the ocean, just thinking about it brings peace of mind. There is no limit on the things you can do after buying a coastal house in France. You can start using it as a holiday resort or stay in it with your family or you can do both.

French property is a good financial decision

When buying a house, you need to investigate and look into all the details provided, but in France you would be happy to know that buying a house comes with some significant tax benefits. Neven, if you are a foreigner, you can buy a house in France. The process is just as easy as a citizen buying a house there as long as you have proper documentation and a good budget. French property has a favorable tax regime for capital gains. Selling your house after owning it for 15 years gets you exempted from paying any capital gains tax. France will not levy any inheritance taxes on real estate meaning after purchasing that home you can pass it on you, our children, without them having to pay any taxes on it. Buying a house in France is a very great financial decision.

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French coastal weather

The coasts in France usually have the best weather in the whole country. The French Riviera coast is the best example of this. It has an average summer temperature well above 30 degrees Celsius, with long dry summers and autumns and moderate winters. The south of France has the best weather throughout the year. There is barely any rain on the southern coast in France and it gets pretty hot, more reason to get onto the beach.

The northern coast is the total opposite of the southern coast of France. The climate is generally cool and wet, rainy, and windy all year round. The temperatures get really low during winter and at night, unlike the southern coast, so choose the coast whose weather you prefer and buy yourself a house on the French coast.

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