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Les Houches

Les Houches is a commune in the Haute-Savoie department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of Eastern France. Les Houches, found 6 kilometers from Chamonix, is a ski resort with a space that reaches out from an elevation of 950 meters up to 1900 meters. Long drops through tree-fixed inclines are joined with noteworthy perspectives on the Mont Blanc massif and the Chamonix valley.

Les Houches is twinned with the Russian towns of Sochi and Krasnaya-Polyana and was picked by the International Olympic Committee to aid the association of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Les Houches is the beginning and completing place of the famous Tour du Mont Blanc, a 7-to 10-day stroll around the foundation of the Mont-Blanc Massif which takes in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

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Les Houches four railroad stations

Les Houches has four railroad stations (Taconnaz, Les Houches, Viaduc Sainte-Marie, and Vaudagne) on the Saint-Gervais-Vallorcine rail route and the part from Les Houches to Servos holds the world record slope for a grip rail line at a 9% inclination over a distance of 2,000 m (6,562 ft).

Global Occasions in Les Houches (Skiing)

The Les Houches pistes are consistently utilized for global occasions, most outstandingly the ‘Kandahar’ run, which is utilized yearly for the Men’s Downhill World Cup Ski Championships. Les Houches gives a preparation ground to the French National Ski Team and the Ski Club of Great Britain. The skiing region comprises one global dark run, 12 red runs, five blue runs, and four green runs as well as cross country trails and two snow parks. It is served by 1 trolley, 1 gondola lift, 8 seat lifts (every one of the four-man), 3 drag lifts, a rope pull, and a moving floor covering, as well as two further drag lifts in the “Le Tourchet” town focus ski region.

Broad counterfeit snow inclusion is given by another organization of 67 snow ordinances covering 19 hectares. There are nursery slants at Le Tourchet in the focal point of the actual town, a Jardin du Neige for extremely small kids’ skiers close to Lac de Chavants, and another nursery region at the highest point of the Prarion lift.

French chateau near Les Houches


The town is home to a renowned material science summer school, established by Cécile DeWitt-Morette. It has been gone to by two dozen Nobel prize laureates, either as educators or as understudies before they accepted their prize. Additionally, the Les Houches Accords, which are significant in high-energy material science, were composed here.

Little Town Coupeau

Inverse Les Houches (across the river Arve, however shaping a piece of the cooperative) is the little town of Coupeau. A roaming street moves high through the town and leads for exactly three miles as far as possible up to the foot of its mountain, l’Aiguillette, at the foot of which lies one littler town, La Flatière, notable across the valley for its all-encompassing views, and a little Christian isolation. From here numerous ways meander through the mountains. One picturesque way prompts an old sheepfold, called Chailloux.

Coupeau has sun throughout the entire year, though Les Houches generally, stays in the shade in the colder time of year. At the core of the town of Coupeau is the Merlet creature park, which draws numerous guests every year. Here guests can consider llamas to be well as neighborhood kinds of deer, rams, and marmots. Beneath the creature park, a four-story-high sculpture of Jesus Christ disregards the valley, its right arm outstretched as though welcoming rookies entering the valley below.

French chateau near Les Houches

Les Houches Magnetism

There’s something somewhat charming about more modest urban areas. Whether you’re taking off to Les Houches for an end-of-the-week escape or you’re considering remaining a piece longer, you’ll effortlessly fall head over heels for this spot. As a matter of fact, with such countless fabulous activities and great attractions to see, you may in all likelihood never need to return home!

Find the sights of Les Houches for certain well-known visits and road trips, or look at our rundown of {18 fun exercises in Les Houches}. We have free crossing out and no additional charges, so you can unwind and zero in on arranging the ideal get-away.

French chateau near Les Houches

Parc de Merlet

It has as of late been recorded as a verifiable landmark and is perhaps of the greatest sculpture in France. Parc de Merlet is a previous Alpine field situated at 1,500 meters in height on the southern side of Les Houches. The 21-hectare park isn’t to be missed and manages the cost of unprecedented perspectives over the Mont-Blanc Massif. A variety of creature species live semi-wild here – the children will adore it!

Parc de Merlet is an extraordinary spot to recognize a few nearby creatures right at home. A nature saves, as opposed to a zoo, the recreation area is roosted on a huge level high above Les Houches.

A delicate walk guides you around the 21 hectares of forest and glades where you can encounter snow-capped animals, right at home. The recreation area was made in 1968 and covers eight wild creature species that meander unreservedly.

French chateau near Les Houches

The ways are all family-accommodating and some can be gotten to by pushchair. For the people who partake in a test, why not climb up from Lac Gaillands in the Chamonix Valley?

Throughout the late spring months, Parc de Merlet is open consistently aside from Mondays. During the pinnacle of late spring, a long time of July and August the recreation area opens consistently. One of our top tips is to show up sooner than expected when the creatures have recently been taken care of or to make a night visit when they are coming to join the party!

Throughout the colder time of year, the recreation area is open for directed snowshoe strolls from around Christmas to the center of March. You’ll need to save ahead of time, snowshoes and transport up to the recreation area are remembered for the cost. The walk goes on for around two hours and highlights a moderate rise gain of 200m.

Unquestionably calmer than Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, the town of Les Houches ensures a loosening up family break in a charming normal setting.

Tramway du Mont-Blanc, Les Houches

The Mont-Blanc tramway is one of the final bond rail line trains in France and goes through the upper piece of Les Houches. Its mid-year terminal, the Nid d’Aigle, sits approximately 2,372 meters high and is the beginning stage for the ‘typical’ course climbers take to rise Mont Blanc.

In winter, the train closes its excursion on the Bellevue level at a height of 1,800 meters. It drops off climbers who need to investigate by walking or on snowshoes, and skiers are quick to partake in the ski runs, the view, and the daylight.

The town of Les Houches is neglected by an amazing sculpture suggestive of Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro. Available by walking from the station, the representation of Christ the King stands 25 meters tall, coming full circle at an elevation of 1,200 meters peering down over Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Valley. It was underlying 1933 on the drive of the abbot Claude Marie Delassiat, cleric of Les Houches, to represent love and harmony between men.

French chateau near Les Houches

The Tramway du Mont Blanc runs from the lower part of the valley in Le Fayet as far as possible up to the Nid d’Aigle at 2,380 meters, above Les Houches.

The rack and pinion train stops multiple times before getting to the furthest limit of the line at the Nid d’Aigle (hawk’s home) perspective, from where you get a spectacular perspective on the Bionnassay icy mass, the start of one of the mountaineering courses up Mont Blanc.

The excursion up from St Gervais Le Fayet requires something like an hour and a quarter and permits you to move from 580m up to 2,380m at its last stop. You’ll have the delight of being in one of the retro cable car carriages named Anne, Marie, or Jeanne, after the little girls of the proprietor of the site.

There are various exquisite climbs nearby and trail-blazing bicycles are allowed on the cable car subject to space. Throughout the colder time of year, the train stops at Bellevue and gives admittance to the Les Houches ski region.

French chateau near Les Houches

Ice rink, Les Houches

The ice arena of Les Houches is an outside counterfeit ice arena, arranged in the core of the town and is open all through the cold weather for a long time from late December to the furthest limit of March. Skate before the Mont Blanc massif or appreciate its pinkish colors toward the day’s end! Extraordinary news, it’s open at night and is free.

This outdoor ice arena is open all through the cold weather for a long time from late December to the furthest limit of March. It is arranged on the primary street simply inverse the exit toward the train station and the motorway.

The ice arena is free for skaters and skates to employ cost just €3.50. For more youthful kids there are upholds accessible to keep them stable on the ice.

You can coast alongside the music into the night as the arena is floodlit and once in a while is open until 11:00 p.m.After you have completed on the ice, you can indulge yourself with the different bites and chocolate bars accessible at their bistro.

Father training his 2-year-old kid to skate in Les HouchesOpen air ice skating arena in Les HouchesChildren ice skating in Les Houches

Whether you’re a novice or a specialist, the ice arena of Les Houches will before long be your #1 diversion setting throughout this colder time of year season. The arena has a comfortable bistro so if you’re starting to feel the cool, you can partake in a hot beverage, while you sit back, unwind and see all the quick-moving activity on the ice!

French chateau near Les Houches

Montagnard Museum, Les Houches

“Musee Montagnard” or Museum of the Mountains of Les Houches was laid out in 1977 in the focal point of the town and determined to house an enormous assortment of furniture, utensils, and hardware, actually utilized in certain pieces of the Arve Valley until 1950 for agro-peaceful tasks, both in ranch houses and in snow-capped chalets.

This delightful assortment was given to Les Houches by Mr. Albert Laprade, a famous draftsman and metropolitan organizer, an individual from the Institute who devoted his life to safeguarding Chamonix’s rich legacy.

It keeps on developing thanks to the liberality of numerous givers. This exhibition hall is housed in perhaps of the most seasoned house in the town community, the contemporary Baroque church (1750); it resembles a conventional ranch, it was worked for the utilization of a fraternity, the purported “confrerie” (affiliation made out of priests and common people) that in 1750, involved the ground floor for gatherings or potlucks.

The affiliation “Dans L’Temps” is as of now not the administrator of the gallery, this undertaking has been the obligation of the Community of Municipalities of the Chamonix Valley starting around 2013, albeit the affiliation stays a basic help of the historical center, particularly for brief shows.

French chateau near Les Houches

Indoor climbing, Les Houches

The Chamonix valley is home to one of the biggest indoor climbing walls in France. The Mont Blanc Escalade is situated in Les Houches and is open throughout the year.

With 1250m sq. of climbing surfaces and over 100 courses to the rooftop, going from 16 to 21 meters in level. There is a novice’s wall, a youngster’s wall, a bouldering room, and, surprisingly, a cafeteria. All vital hardware is accessible and available. Complete novices can make a first rising of the indoor climbing wall with guidance from nearby aides. Open to grown-ups and youngsters 5 or over.

They offer private or gathering illustrations for more youthful people or gathering examples. Yet additionally one-week courses during school occasions. Their preparation programs for fledglings will permit the people who are new to climbing the opportunity to find a move in a protected climate. Learn belay procedures and how to grasp the non-verbal communication of different climbers. The most effective method to make your most memorable development on the wall, and to finish your most memorable courses.

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