House for sale in Valence, France

The beautiful country of France

France is such a beautiful country that is rich in both history and culture. It is no wonder it has the highest number of tourists a year compared to any other country in the world. Obviously, when you think of France and its beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful city of Paris, which is one of the wonders of the world and the capital of France but I am here to let you know that France also has several other wonders it holds. It has dozens of UNESCO heritage sites. It is surrounded by breathtaking, glistening coastal beaches, marvelous landscapes, and delightful cuisines.

Due to its location, France also experiences snow, the weather that makes the holidays merrier. This allows its beautiful landscapes to look even more beautiful during winter, more specifically the Alps and it also means skiing for the whole family. France is a fun country to live in or to just visit because it has a little bit of something for everyone. There are festivals all year round and one is better than the other in its own way, but are all guaranteed to leave you yearning for more.

The food in France

France is known to have one of the best cuisines in the entire world, and as much as the dishes may be recreated in other countries and sold there to give you a taste of France, they will never be as exquisite as they are within its home. Every region in France has its own local specialties so it would take you a lifetime of amazement to enjoy what it has to offer and even then; you would still want more. Living in France means enjoying traditional French food, salmon en papillote, boeuf bourguignon, quiche lorraine, potatoes dauphinoise, crepes suzette, bouillabaisse, salade landaise, etc.

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The beautiful history of Valence

The city of Valence is the 8th biggest city in France and was built on a progression of terraces bordering the Rhône. The antiquated cathedral of Saint-Apollinaire dominates the city’s ruins, which were sanctified by Pope Urban II in 1095 and then completed in the early 12th century. There was a war in the city during the wars of religion between the year 1569 and 1598 was then fixed in the 17th century. It is often referred to as the door to the south of France due to its geographical location. The city was founded in the year 121 BC after the invasion of Gallia Nabonensis. The city’s importance grew over time as it then became a crossroad behind Lyon as a Roman colony. The city was ruled by Duke of Valentinos, a title claimed by Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

The beautiful Rhône River valley can be viewed from the vast open space of Champ de Defaces that is south of the cathedral. This is one of the treasures of the city, well known for its beauty and ever-flowing waters. In the 4th century is the most likely time the city got started being ruled by the bishops, who were Christianity advocates and practiced their power in the city. The bishops ruled the city until Louis XI in 1450 convinced them to cease up their power in exchange for a university and protection by the royal family. Valence city is vital to the exploitation of the fruits and vegetable products of the Rhône River valley. It serves as a service center and commercial center for these products, thus, making it a vital part of the France economy. The town now has industries that include metallurgy and electronic manufacture, textiles, and their splendid jewelry. Valence’s industry has merged with Grenoble and Lyon.

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Monuments in Valence

These are all part of the city’s history; their existence alone tells a story of the city of valence. Maison des Tetes was built between the years 1528 and 1532 by Antoine de Dorne. The house marks the transition from the arabesque gothic style to the renaissance style. The building has sculptures that symbolize the winds, time, theology, fortune, law, or medicine, and since the Romans were the ones who built it, has corridors decorated with Roman emperors. Then there is the Saint-Apollinaire Cathedral, which was built between 1063 and 1099 under the rule of bishop Gontard. It is a Roman Catholic church built using the Romanesque architectural tradition while Valence was still under Roman rule. It was made to be a seat for the Valences bishop, and was built and dedicated to Saint Appollinaris. It is encompassed by the monumental fountain which was designed by the architect Eugène Poitoux.

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Location of Valence

The city is in the middle of the meridian axis of the Rhône valley, the mouth of the valley of the Isère, which is the path to the alps. Massif Central, the Ardèche hills, Vercors Massif in the French Prealps are all some of the several mountain ranges that surround the city. As stated, the city is located within terraces, four alluvial terraces located on the left bank of the Rhône River. The lowest one is where the fishermen and sailors were because it’s the closet to the river. This terrace is the most likely to be affected by river floods due to its convenient location. Then the next one is the safer one from the river floods; this is the part that grew into the historic city we know today. The third terrace is where the second terrace grew towards; this terrace is more urbanized. It was urbanized in the 20th century by France. The plateau of Lautagne is the highest terrace surrounding the city. It has been developed into a center of technological activities. This happened towards the end of the 20th century and at the edge of grain and vegetable farms. The city of Valence is divided into four canton levels, namely Valence 1; Valence 2; Valence 3 and Valence 4.

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Buying a house in Valence

Buying a house in Valence is simple for anyone with the proper documentation. Most of these homes come with all the history they carry and that somewhat increases their value for the owner. The houses can range from as low as €200,000 to over a million and the price will obviously depend on the luxury there is. There are different types, ranges and features that come with these homes. Some have gardens, some have swimming pools, and some have large spaces; there is a high level of diversity when it comes to the benefits of buying a house in Valence.

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Investing in a house in Valence

Investing in a home in Valence is a sound investment with nothing but benefits. The houses in the area have been increasing in value over the years regardless of the Corona pandemic. Property in rural regions has been in high demand as of late, probably because e of the peace and quiet they bring. Houses in Valence are very affordable and if not, you can still manage to strike a deal with the owner to pay a deposit and installments. Before you buy a house, first research the area you want to move into and know what you are getting into. The best way to do this is to go to the area yourself and ask the people that live there already. Getting a realtor would also prove helpful, as they will you help negotiate for you and help you get the best house according to your budget. Which brings me to our next point; you need a budget need to know how much you are willing to spend on the house you need to buy before you decide how you want it to be or where it needs to be. Having a reasonable budget will also help you dream accordingly because remember, what you put in is what you get out.

You could be buying the house to rent it. Tourists flock into the city of Valence to view its architecture; it would make the journey even more complete if the people who came to see the city also lived among the people of the city too. You can also rent out the houses to the locals, either way you will make a buck out of your purchase.

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Cost of living

France has a low cost of living compared to other western European countries. It is cheaper to live in France than it is to live anywhere else in Europe. France also has amazing healthcare benefits for everyone registered to live in the country. So, if you are buying the house because you want to move in with your family, France will keep them as healthy as can be, the rest will be up to you. France has a low crime rate, and it is still decreasing, which means you, your family, employees and tenants will be safe to explore the beauty of France all year round.

There is always something to do in France

France has a lot of places you can visit to kill time, to explore, to learn, or to just have a fun time. You can go sight-seeing, watch the sunset or the city on the Eiffel tower, go to Disneyland with the family, or just walk around and see the villages of the local people. There is fun for the whole family; you can go on a boat cruise on the Seine River. Going out into the world and being with nature does wonders for the human health and mood. Just being in the streets in France feels like a set out of a movie; it is surrounded by art and beautiful breathtaking architecture which will always amaze you because you can see the significance in the difference of the different styles of architecture in different cities.

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France also has different festivals held throughout the country and throughout the year that you and whoever you are with are sure to enjoy. Take a walk and get into the cities and villages and taste the different cuisines these places have to offer. Take bikes and ride around Bordeaux and feel the breeze in your face as you explore the beautiful streets of France and see the beautiful people of the country. If these other activities are too straining for you do not worry, there is still something for you; you can choose which one of the many remarkable beaches you would like to visit and just relax. You can also visit wineries for wine tasting if you are into that, if not, you can still do it just for the experience. There are also dozens of galleries to see in France, each one more captivating than the other; it would also help you learn a little more about the history of the country or the city you are in. The people in Valence are friendly people; there is no better place to start a home in.

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