House for sale in Uzes, France

This beautiful upstate house is up for sale in the region of Gard I Uzes. It’s not just a house; it’s a museum inside a house. Any history fanatic will tell you how much knowledge and information there is to learn about the houses up for sale in Uzes, let alone the city itself. These are upstate homes worthy of kings and queens; why would you not want to take a look and see, maybe you might fall in love?

French chateau near Uzes, France

Why buy a house in Uzes?

They are fine estate homes that require little to no renovating costs, and they may be customized according to your taste before you even move in if you wish so. Each room of this house was carefully designed by an architect to ensure you get the maximum light and smart layout.

Since these are fairly modern homes, they incorporate the latest standards of designs, making them more energy efficient for you. The normal energy consumption of these homes does exceed anything more than 50kW, including all the heating up of hot water, heating up the home and ventilation. Buyers may even take it up a notch and install solar panels for a much lower energy consumption rate.

Buying a house in the south of France guarantees you of protection against any circumstances for up to 10 years after getting your home and includes poor workmanship too, so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off on the house and hidden expenses that the house will later on need.

French chateau near Uzes, France

The south of France is an environmentally aware area meaning that newly built or renovated homes have to meet a certain standard of construction and meet criteria before they are approved for the market. The eff inerge + label is one such label which aims to reduce the consumption of energy in new homes.

If you just want a holiday destination or a place to escape to in the cold winter months, its very possible to make this a destination home that you occasionally rent out to tourists and travelers. Uzes is a small tow, but it is pretty busy and has many visitors every season of the year.

Uzes has tropical weather, for a person who doesn’t like the cold much. Uzes is the place to be, beaming in temperatures of almost 100°F during the summer months and dropping to lows of 40°F.

French chateau near Uzes, France

History of Uzes, France

Uzes is a community located in the Gard region and Occitanie department region, South of France. It is a small town that had a population of 8545 in 2017 and lies just about 25 kilometers northwest-east of the Nimes, 32 southeast of Ales, and 40 kilometers west of Avignon. It was originally named the Ucetia or Eutica in Latin. This town is situated right at the mouth of Alzon river at Fontaine d’Eure, from which the Roman aqueduct was built to provide water to the population of Nimes. The aqueduct stretches into the popularly known Pont du Gard, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was the main water supply for the river Gardon.

Uzes first had Jews settle in its city from as early as the 5th century, which was a contrast with the civilian Frankish north people. Saint Ferreol, a bishop of Uzes at that time, is said to have directly admitted to the Jews that he in fact did not like that Jews were not Christian and obliged anyone who was not interested in converting to Christianity to leave this town, for this, Bishop Uzes was reported to the King Childebert I, however, shortly after his death about 581 people who had been baptized were still expelled from the region.

French chateau near Uzes, France

It is only in the 8th century that Uzes was fortified with civitas and bishop ric under the Archbishop of Narbonne, and then changed to the northern most stronghold of Muslim Spain Cira 725, during the Umayyad conquest of Gothic Septimania. Charkes Martel was personally there to lay the siege to the stronghold in 736; nevertheless, it remained in Gothid-Andalusian hands up until 752, when the loyal population of Ansemund of Nimes forfeited many strongholds to the Frankish Pepin the Short. In the year 753, the stronghold went against the Franks after Asemund’s assassination; but the trustee of Pepin imposed on the uprising, and therefore they were suppressed. The 13th century saw Uzes host a small community of Jewish students; this was true for the community of Cathars as well.

Uzes was and is still known for its cloth-making centers (also known as serges). The surrounding countryside and city were very strongly protestant in the wars of Religion in the 16th century, which caused much chaos in Languedoc. Many famous churches of the city were burned and trashed by angry protesters, of which only two remain in the current age. One of the destroyed and rebuilt churches is Saint-Étienne.

French chateau near Uzes, France

History Attractions in Uzes, France

There is so much history that the town of Uzes carries, and so much more sights of these to see. In the present day, the city stands on its walls as a circuit of boulevards. A Capuchin chapel which was built in the year 1635 as a home for remains of the dukes is housed in the spot were an AD temple, dedicated to the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, in the 1st century once stood. There are monuments of the previous bishopric, said to be one of the most extensive properties of Languedoc but extinguished at the Revolution and private homes which witnessed the wealth and textile trade occur in the 16th century. When in Uzes, you can also spot the three feudal towers; the Bermonde Tower (part of the château du Duché), the Bishop Tower and the Royal Tower.

To say Uzes has been through so much history and a well worthy place to live in is an understatement, this community was destroyed twice and rebuilt each time after that, first destroyed in during the Albigensian Crusade, and rebuilt then again in 16th century and the again destroyed during the Wars of Religion and rebuilt again in the 17th century, it was then stripped out during the French Revolution. Romanesque Tour Fenestrelle (“Window Tower”) built in the 11th century, is one of the most eye -catching monuments in the city. It was even listed as a French Historical Monument in 1862.

French chateau near Uzes, France

With all being said, Uzes is the Disneyland of those who delight in history and love to learn more about the olden ages as well as what shaped a place the way it is now. Uzes is one such place, very rich in history and so much more to go back in time.

The main economy of Uzec is supported by the industrial areas which draw in tourists from all over the world to indulge in local arts scene and wine making. Uzes has a history of the production of licorice; there is a German factory, Haribo, which is partly a museum on the roots of the licorice which Henri Lefint opened their doors in 1862.

Attractions of Uzes

Although Uzes has a lot of history museums, this place is also filled with many attraction sights for the wild at heart.

Tourists come from all over the world to try out the activities that they have in the museums, so not only will o be listening and learning about the culture. but you will also get to use the original machines that were used by the civilians of this place hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Enjoy a full day bike ride along the Pont Du Gard and experience the views of this small town. You may go through parks and see the flowers and greenery that this area is rich in, stop for a little picnic if you may.

Check out the many restaurants, bistros and wine shops in the central square of Uzes where they will serve you indigenous food which will tantalize your tongue. There are many café stops as well and wine tasting shops for when you feel thirsty for a drink.

Vallee D’eure is a dam in Uzes France, that carries lively water worth seeing. It’s a little bit of the walk from the central area to reach the damn, but it is worth it. The tranquility you feel once you get to the source of the water is nothing that can be compared.

French chateau near Uzes, France

Medieval Garden is one of the famous towers that stand in this small town; it is a 12th century standing building. It contains a garden where you may observe the riches of nature and plants that naturally bloom in Uzes’s climate. You may like to know that only organic plants are grown here without any artificial technology. It’s a little steep getting up to the actual garden but it is worth the little bit of exercise; the garden is at the top of 100 steps of the King’s tower; among which you will have a view of all roofs and the houses of Uzes. What gives more than a great view?

Uzes can get very hot but there is a stunning pool with blue waters accessible to the public when they wish so. Parc Aquatique La Bouscarasse is more than just a swimming pool; it is a mini waterpark and there are many waterfalls that can be enjoyed by both adults and young kids as well.

Office de Culture de Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie are cultural offices are mainly for promoting the crafts of locals, organizing local cultural events and managing the workmanship of artists. There are many ceramic arts that you can indulge in and see, on some occasions you are able to see the artists craft the ceramics from the beginning until the final product, and interested individuals are able to learn and follow instructions to make their own ceramics.

Le Pistou school is a class you can take to learn how to cook the dishes originating from Uzes. They have one day cooking classes for provencal and classic French cuisines and also offer classes for desserts or fish and original Indian, Lebanese and other cultural cuisines. There is also a market which sells seasonal foods catering for individuals who do not like cooking; there you may find freshly made food, craft stalls, stalls or snails, cheese and even some indigenous hand-crafted clothing pieces.

Take a wine tour around Chateauneuf du Pape, the Cotes du Rhone, the Languedoc and Uzes regions, and see the grapes that the wines are made from, the whole process of turning that grape into fine wine and then tasting these wines with knowledge of how they were made. Wine tours are hosted by the Wine, a Spirit Education Trust trained professionals who are ready to share their wine knowledge with you.

French chateau near Uzes, France

Take a leap of faith

The houses in Uzes are big and stunning, offering the buyer a guarantee on their purchases; the town is small but full of life, culture and rich in history. The weather is tropical almost all year round, plus many houses come with a pool to cool you down when it gets too hot; living a dream life has never been so guaranteed and affordable than in Uzes, France. What more reason could one possibly need to have to dive in to the adventure of a lifetime in this small town which is accessible to many other areas when need be? Take a leap of faith and watch it pay off beautifully in purchasing a house here in Uzes.

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