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The county and seat of the Haute-Savoie area in the Rhône-Alpes region of Auvergne are located in Annecy, which is located in southeast France. It is situated almost 35 kilometers (22 miles) south of Geneva, Switzerland, at Lake Annecy’s northernmost point. The city is situated at the northern entrance to the lake canyon and is referred to in Raoul Blanchard’s book as the “jewel of the French Alps” because of its placement between the lake and the mountains. Since the 1950s, the city’s population has stayed stable at around 50,000 people due to the limited amount of land that can be used for building between the lake and the Semnoz Protected Mountains. However, in 2017, the city’s population climbed to 128,199, and its area to 177,622 thanks to mergers with certain former municipalities. With the rebuilding of its castle and the installation of a fine art museum in 1956, Annecy began to promote tourism around its lakeside summer amenities, closeness to ski resorts, and cultural draw. Since 1963, the Animated Film Festival has been held in Bonlee’s cultural center. The city’s environmental strategy was recognized in 2015 with the “Golden Flower,” granted to the nine most floriferous French cities, for maintaining 40.3 percent of its green spaces. Since the University of Savoy’s founding in 1973, the country’s educational landscape has expanded.

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Why should You Buy a House in Annecy, France?

  • Lake Annecy

This postcard depiction of the lake’s clear water reflecting the surrounding mountains is what comes to mind when you hear about Annecy. It truly is the town’s top tourist destination. Your first stop in Annecy should undoubtedly be Lake Annecy (Lac d’Annecy in French), so let’s begin your visit there with a little stroll along the lake’s edge. The lagoon-like water’s pristine clarity and the area’s attractiveness will finally be seen to you on your own! For instance, you may begin your stroll at Paquier, a wide grass that borders the lake, and proceeds to the Jardins de l’Europe on the right (Gardens of Europe). With this itinerary, you will go through one of the top places in Annecy, the Pont des Amours (lover’s bridge), with, like the one in Paris, has “love locks” tied to it. The Jardins de l’Europe is very nice for the lake view of course, but also for the huge and magnificent multi-centennial trees you can find there. On the other side of Paquier (left side), you can go to the Imperial Palace gardens, for sure the most luxurious hotel in Annecy. It’s located at the border of Annecy’s adjacent town, Annecy le Vieux, which, despite its name, is not and shouldn’t be confused with the old town of Annecy.

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  • Segway cruising along a lakeshore

Segway tours are a fun thing to undertake along the beach of Lake Annecy and a fascinating way to see the area. As the area surrounding the lake is a pedestrian-only area, it’s a wonderful location to start even if you’ve never tried it before. The length of the trips ranges from 30 minutes (about 17 euros per person) to 2 hours (about 55 euros per person). It may be a wonderful family activity to engage in!

French chateau near Annecy
  • Ride a bicycle around Lake Annecy

A bike trip around Lake Annecy will undoubtedly be enjoyable for the more athletic. The 42 km of bike paths are truly a fantastic way to explore the area. Of course, you’ll want to pause a few times to take it all in. In the summer, it’s also the greatest approach to locating locations with little crowds.

  • Try paragliding to get a bird’s-eye view of Annecy

I highly advise anyone with a sense of adventure and who enjoys extreme thrills to schedule a paragliding flight above Lake Annecy. The view is just breathtaking, so it’s no surprise that Annecy is one of the top paragliding locations in the world and the most well-known in Europe. This service is offered by several businesses, with prices beginning at 95€ for 15–20 minutes. You may also select between a thrilling acrobatic flight and a more sedate flight. Booking is required for the paragliding session, which often begins from the Forclaz pass (col de Forclaz in French) or the sleepy village of Talloires. The greatest way to learn about paragliding is to do it in Annecy.

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  • Participate in water sports on Lake Annecy

If you’re wondering what to do in Annecy, taking part in the many nautical activities can be a smart option. On lake Annecy, everyone will undoubtedly find a water sport that fits him, from pedal boats to water skiing and wakeboarding. You may discover many different types of boats or pedal boats available for rent on the lakeshore to enjoy the calmest areas of the lake or simply swim a little further from the coast.

  • Annecy’s waterways and ancient town

The city of Annecy is well known for its lake, as well as its lovely old town and the major canal that runs through it. The town is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the Alps for this reason (la Venice des Alpes in French). It truly is one of the city’s highlights. The ancient town of Annecy, with its cobblestone alleys and arches, is undoubtedly worth seeing! You may snap the well-known photo of “l’écluse Fleurie” (the flower tide gate on the Thiou canal) or the Isle Palace, which is situated between two canals, here. Don’t be afraid to roam the Louis-Lachenal promenade’s little lanes and follow the canal. The majority of the city’s restaurants (some of which are touristic but are nonetheless excellent) are also located in Annecy’s old town, along with all the little shops where you can purchase local items and the excellent (maybe a little ironic!) placemat with a picture of the lake. Don’t be afraid to roam the Louis-Lachenal promenade’s little lanes and follow the canal.

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  • Food in Annecy

The greatest ice cream in town is the perfect accompaniment to a stroll around Annecy’s historic streets. Yes, Annecy has a fantastic ice cream shop called Le glacier des Alpes. Even in France, it’s regarded as one of the greatest. The hardest thing is choosing while being affordable because they have more than 45 different flavors! A delicious tartiflette, croziflette (a dish very similar to tartiflette but made with Crozets, a Savoie pasta), cheese fondue, idiots de Savoie (Savoy sausages), or, of course, fish from the lake like perch, trout, or arctic char, are also delectable in Annecy.

  • Hotel de France (Annecy Castle-museum)

The Museum of the Castle is another attraction in Annecy. You can easily walk there from the old town because it is situated at the top of a short hill. The entry fee for adults is 5.5€. You may access both the temporary exhibits and the Château d’Annecy for this fee. The tour lasts about an hour, but let’s be honest: the primary attraction is the view from the castle!

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  • The greatest beaches in Annecy

If you’re fortunate enough to visit Annecy in the summer, you’ll undoubtedly want to cool down in the lake’s stunning, clear waters. The top beaches in Annecy and the area around the lake are listed below:

  • Imperial Beach is located on Avenue d’Albigny. Non – free beach.
  • Marquisats Beach is located on the lake’s western side. Without charge.
  • The largest beach on Lake Annecy is Albany. Accessible for free at Annecy-le-Vieux.
  • Sevrier Saint-Jorioz beach’s two beaches include a diving board, pontoons, restrooms/showers, and a first-aid station.
  • Angon Beach is a stream-crossed, well-shaded beach. Exclusive beach.
  • The paddling pool at Talloires Beach is perfect for young children.
  • Pétanque, volleyball, and a playground are available at the Menthon Saint-Bernard beach.
  • Carnival in Venice

Because of the canals, you can see in the old town, Annecy is known as “the Venice of the Alps,” as I said previously. However, Annecy also took its well-known carnival from the renowned Italian city! Every year, hundreds of people parade through the streets wearing amazing costumes, usually towards the beginning of March. During the Venetian Carnival, Annecy offers several make-up and mask-related events.

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  • A stunning tourist destination!

International Animated Film Festival in Annecy

Every year in June, Annecy hosts the world’s largest animated film festival. The world’s leading professionals in the field are showing their films, which range from stop-motion clay animation to Chinese shadow theatre to traditional animations and 3D animated graphics. The fact that every evening a movie is projected on the Paquier lawn for everyone to watch is a wonderful aspect of this festival.

The Festival at Annecy Lake

The Annecy Lake Festival is another attraction that both residents and visitors must-see. Every year on the first Saturday in August, the greatest pyrotechnic display in Europe takes place. To ensure that everyone may view the fireworks, stands are erected all around Paquier, and fireworks are launched from Lake Annecy. Although there are about 46,000 paid tickets available, everyone may watch it! Nevertheless, as the event draws more than 100,000 people annually, it is a good idea to start looking for a good viewing location early. As you can expect, the prime locations are snapped up quickly!

French chateau near Annecy

Hiking in the area of Annecy

Given that Annecy is situated in the heart of the French Alps, hiking on the slopes around the city is one of the best things to do. Listed here are some of my favorites:

A Semnoz

The trek around Annecy is the simplest. There are several parking spaces at the top of the Semnoz, so take your car there. You will get breathtaking views of the lake and the mountains that surround it from there. You can go on a few treks and mountain bike in the high mountain meadows in the summer, and you can sled, ski, and snowshoe in the winter.


Geneva is the first location you may go to close to Annecy. Only 30 minutes separate Annecy and this well-known Swiss city, which is close to the French border. It is located on the beaches of Lake Geneva, much like the city of Annecy. The top places to visit in Geneva are listed below:

  • Several must-see tourist sites may be found in the old town, including St. Peter’s Cathedral of Geneva.
  • The city’s emblem is the Jet d’eau.
  • On the lake’s shore are the Parc de la Grange and the Parc des Eaux-vives.
  • Either a cruise on Lake Geneva or a stroll along the water.
  • The Mont-Blanc and Chamonix

You would prefer to explore the mountains around Annecy. No issue! Just one hour and ten minutes away is Chamonix and the Mont-Blanc. It’s one of the top attractions around Annecy, in my view! Take the Aiguille du Midi cable car first for a spectacular overview of the whole Mont-Blanc range. Then choose a rack train to get to the “Mer de Glace,” the biggest French glacier. You may check out the well-known Ice Cave and its collection of ice sculptures there.

French chateau near Annecy

The city of Annecy is well known for its lake, as well as its lovely old town and the major canal that runs through it. The town is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the Alps for this reason (la Venise des Alpes in French). This city has something for everyone with its attractive medieval center, stunning turquoise waves, plenty of shops and cafés, and closeness to some of France’s most spectacular landscapes. Additionally, Annecy is a great site for a language school because the majority of the population there speaks French. Snowfall. Snowfall occurs from January through May and from September through December. The month with the highest snowfall is December when it normally accumulates up to 171mm (6.73″) of snow over 5.5 days. September through October are the ideal months to explore Annecy. The average lowest temperature in the colder months, like January, is around -4°C (25°F). You’ll get the most out of your daytime activities if you go to Annecy in August when the sun is up the longest.

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