From Paris To The USA: Navigating The US Housing Market For French Expats

Buying a home in America as a French is about inspecting a different real estate landscape that aligns with lifestyle preferences and sense of origin. The good news is that you do not have to leave your roots completely while moving to this new land. If you want to live surrounded by native emotions and enjoy being in America, these are the top areas across the country that can turn into the best expat destinations.

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Best Areas For French Expats To Settle In The Us

Mamaroneck, New York

A notable number of French communities are located in Mamaroneck, contributing to the area’s rich cultural tapestry that fosters connections between French expats and the broader local population. The town features Westchester’s choicest homes, nestled in Orienta, Shore Acres, and the Village of Mamaroneck. There are classic-style residences offering beautiful curb appeal on its tree-lined roads. Mamaroneck is home to the French American School of New York and the finest conveniences you may search for in a new area. There are many things for people to do there, especially for water lovers in the seaside communities. 

Median Home Sale Price: $351,250

Median Price/Square Foot: $297

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is proud of its French pedigree. It is a one-of-a-kind destination in southern Louisiana located along the river, Mississippi. The city maintains a slew of gastronomic traditions like a French-influenced culture. The streets have French names, restaurants thrive with French dishes and flavor, French schools are there, and even newspapers are in French. Thus, you are not allowed to feel far from the roots if you choose to live in New Orleans. It has a suitable market to find the most luxurious homes, also the most affordable ones in Coronet Ct and Lauradale Dr. The city is unique and has a sense of community why most people enjoy living in it.

Median Home Sale Price: $310,000

Median Price/Square Foot: $197

Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier is the county seat of Washington County and the capital of Vermont, providing easy access from Eastern Canada and New England. The city received a French name from the Franco-American alliance. History says Montpelier is backed by the French-Canadian ethnic group that contributes to Vermont’s great number of French-speaking people and French-speaking communities, with complemented home features. The city has a small-town vibe where you feel supported and can easily get involved in making friends. Montpelier is known for numerous family-friendly events and culinary delights. It is also a land for outdoor enthusiasts who are given wide trailing opportunities. 

Median Home Sale Price: $553,500

Median Price/Square Foot: $267

Manhattan, New York

Taking a deeper look into expats living in New York, Manhattan is discovered as the area where the majority of French reside. Manhattan hosts opportunities across various industries that attract French professionals seeking career growth. Moreover, you will have French schools and cultural centers offering world-class education that would cater to your family’s needs. The fast-paced, cosmopolitan lifestyle may also resonate with French expats. Manhattan is a pot of cultures, cuisines, arts, and entertainment, promoting a lively experience for everybody. Most homes boast an elegant ambiance and unconquerable interiors. People from all over the world flock to this land for these reasons that aid in making it one of the most diverse boroughs.

Median Home Sale Price: $1,100,000

Median Price/Square Foot: $1.28K

Washington, D.C. 

What enchant residents and visitors alike are Washington’s rich mix of culture and iconic landmarks. Despite it being a dense city, it is more livable than many others in terms of multifaceted offerings. Great neighborhoods, affordable housing options, numerous universities, and ample employment opportunities exist. D.C.’s unique layout, the use of axial planning, and neoclassical architecture took inspiration from European cities. There are certain developments and urban planning elements modeled after Paris, which facilitates many French expats to choose this city as their new home.

Median Home Sale Price: $672,500

Median Price/Square Foot: $519

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, the fourth most populous city in California, is home to strong French communities that are fairly large. The city attracts French migrants, mostly from the West Coast to the Bay Area. San Francisco is an expat-desirable location because it is a millennial city with a strong economy, transit-friendliness, robust tech industry, incredible scenery, and vibrant culture. San’s real estate is unique, as it is a hub for liberal-minded and free-spirited property types. With the enormous demand in the market, an expat’s investment has real potential to appreciate.  

Median Home Sale Price: $1,415,000

Median Price/Square Foot: $986

What Are Common Pitfalls For French Outlanders In The U.S. Housing Market?

Not Understanding Local Laws:

Real estate laws vary by state and region. Foreign buyers often find difficulties understanding or remembering to come across the laws. The differences in real estate practices also cause confusion when purchasing a house. A local realtor can convey the transaction after making you acquainted with every tiny local requirement.

Passing Over Community Setting:

Communities enhance the experience of livelihood. They present residents with every necessary resource for lifestyle needs together with increasing security. While considering immediate obligations like housing, work, and education, many expats do not fully understand the significance of community settings. They find it challenging to explore without local networks, which contributes to a lack of focus on highly aspired amenities. 

Most Attractive Communities For Living An Expat’s Life

Lake Como

Lake Como isn’t merely a residence; it’s an excellent waterside location to raise your family. The community has hospitable residents, which fosters belongingness for expatriates. The architectural sophistication of new Lake Como properties attracts many foreign buyers. Including empty lots, the pricing of properties appears reasonable to potential customers. There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved with the local scene.

Parkway Lane 

It will not take time for you to feel at home in this close-knit gated Parkway Lane. There is a growing interest among expats in Parkway’s housing. It is a highly sought-after enclave featuring outstanding condominiums. The community is properly planned to ensure easy access to tollways, entertainment, and shopping; minutes distant from Starbucks and Albertsons. There are highly-rated West Plano Schools that would be of service to families with children.


Prestwick is one of the finest societies for tennis players, golfers, and active households. Your quality of life simply improves with all the community aspects, such as championship courses, lakeside living, a chef’s restaurant, and a pool and private cabana within the country club. In comparison to all the facilities, homes are priced moderately, listed between $200K and $600K. It has proximity to North Myrtle Beach. You can enjoy the Ocean Lakes Campground, two miles from the housing area. 

Ignoring Resale Value: 

If you are an expat in America, think about the resale potential, especially if the stay is temporary. Property resale value might not be the expats’ primary consideration. Assessing it helps increase the worth over time. Moreover, it prepares homeowners for unforeseen relocations, upgrades, and financial needs.

The journey from Paris to the USA requires an expat to undergo a smart investigation of individual markets that would reveal different cultures, dynamics, and lifestyles. By actively engaging with the nuances of the US housing market, French expats can find more than just a place to call home; they will find a new terrain for fulfilling life in the American adventure. 

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