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Question about buying/selling

The Realtor fees are paid by the party to close the deal.

Purchasing a home is an intricate negotiation, one that requires hard work and lots of knowledge. As such, there are bound to be expenses associated with the process both on your side and the other side. What this means is you’ll have a short list of things to bring with you for each meeting so that you’re fully prepared for what stakeholder has in mind which can include checking out costs associated with their services beforehand if possible.

A short sale is when the lender agrees to release a mortgage instead of taking possession of and reselling the property.

Many homeowners take out mortgages which, in order to qualify for, have neared or reached home equity limits. In these scenarios, homeowners can “short sale” their house rather than proceeding through foreclosure.

There are many factors you should consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a second home in addition to your first. The decision will depend largely on the circumstances of each individual and their financial situation, as well the type of property they own. Keep in mind that if you’re considering such a purchase, it’s important that potential future tenants be sufficiently screened for rental qualifications.
Only time will tell what course of action is best for your personal circumstances, but do your best to plan ahead by consulting with an expert real estate agent and coming up with an actionable playing strategy that makes sense for you.

A rent-to-own property is a form of long-term rental agreement in which the tenant pays significantly more per month than a standard lease comes with. The monthly payment is typically increased to make it comparable to the market value.
This property can range from an apartment or single family home, as well as commercially zoned properties for future businesses that are not currently open for business. Renters have the option of buying the house when their time elapses after paying off a percentage of what they agreed to pay over time.
If this sounds like something you’re interested in, we will help process this type of transaction.

It depends on your current income, and also your creditworthy status. Once you get the mortgage preapproval or prequalification letter in hand, it typically takes about 45-60 days from then to closing.

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