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Provence is a geographical area and former province of southern France. It is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the left bank of the lower Rhône to the west and east, respectively. It covers the departments of Var, Bouches-du-Rhône, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, as well as a portion of Alpes-Maritimes and Vaucluse, and broadly corresponds to the contemporary administrative territory of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Marseille, the current capital of the area, is its major city. The area was given the name Provincial Romana by the Romans, who also made it the first Roman province to extend beyond the Alps. Before becoming a province of the Kings of France in 1481, it was governed by the Counts of Provence from their capital city of Aix-en-Provence. Despite being a part of France for more than 500 years, the region nonetheless has its own unique cultural and linguistic character, especially in the interior.

The attractive region of France is called Provence. The book “A Year in Provence” by Peter Mayle is credited with making it well-known in the US. It is now a popular holiday spot for visitors visiting France. Check out these nine things that Provence is known for if you are thinking about visiting.

French chateau near Provence

Purple Fields

You must see the Provence lavender fields. One of the most well-known delights of traveling to Provence is experiencing the beautiful lavender fields’ sight and aroma. A must-do activity is to visit a local distillery where you may harvest lavender and manufacture your essential oil to take home.

Small Hilltop Villages

The lovely hilltop villages of Provence are well known. Les Baux-de-Provence, which is perched on a hill behind some stunning medieval castle ruins, is one not to be missed. This stone settlement also has residences from the fifteenth century and a lovely Romanesque church, while adjacent attractions include the renowned Carriers de lumbers multimedia display.

French chateau near Provence

European Markets

A weekly or more frequent outdoor market is held in almost every town in Provence. To truly experience Provence, you must go to at least one of them. The nine top markets in Provence are listed by Curious Provence as a place to start. These charming outdoor markets provide delicious fruits, veggies, meats, French bread, and a variety of souvenirs.

Renowned Painters

Provence is renowned for its stunning landscape, lighting, and colors. As a result, the area is linked to more talented artists than its fair share. Famous painters like Pablo Picasso, Paul Cézanne, and Vincent Van Gogh.


Pétanque is a game that can be played on nearly any flat surface and is quite popular in Provence. It includes hurling little metal balls at a target while being played in teams. This game is played often by Provence locals. The sport is known as boules in other parts of the world. Players frequently unwind with a drink of pastis, an alcoholic beverage with Provence’s signature anise and licorice flavor, after a great game of pétanque.

French chateau near Provence

Why Chateau in Provence, France?

Sun-drenched Provence has traditionally been a well-liked vacation spot. It reaches the Cote d’Azur shoreline from the lush green of the Alps and Mont Ventoux. The region is well-known for its gastronomy, wines, and lavender fields, making it an easy choice for a luxurious trip. Along with having beautiful architecture, the region is peppered with several great châteaux, many of which have been converted into hotels. With so many options, I’ve put up a list of the top château in Provence based on their setting, features, aesthetics, and customer service. There is something to suit most interests and budgets, whether you’re organizing a getaway for couples or a family vacation. The luxurious hotel Château de Montcaud is housed in a 19th-century manor amid picturesque grounds. A soaring staircase and frescoed ceilings are visible through the historic facade. This chic rural getaway is completed with a fine dining restaurant and an outdoor pool. A charmingly updated little château with tower chambers and opulent decor is the Château de Massillon. It boasts a nice lake, a great restaurant offering local cuisine, and is flanked by parklands, a herb garden, and lavender banks. This is the ideal place for a romantic getaway because of its exquisite meals and lovely interiors. Around 40 kilometers from Cannes and St. Tropez, the stunning vines of a 300-acre wine estate encircle Le Château des Demoiselles. There are just five rooms, each with neutral decor, stunning gardens, and a pool that are perfect for a private escape for couples. Château de Berne is for you if you want to dine well while also learning about what you’re eating. Located within 1,500 acres of private vineyards, they provide cooking lessons and wine tastings.

French chateau near Provence

Try Château les Olivier’s de Salettes as an alternative. A cooking school, wine tastings, and a fantastic restaurant that makes the most of regional ingredients are also available at this 16th-century château. This resort has all you need, including classic décor, a lovely pool, and a modest wellness center. A garden filled with magnolia trees surrounds the genuinely excellent hotel, Le Château des Alpilles. The Manor, the Chapel, and the Cypress Farm, which has been converted into an apartment and a loft for families, have a total of 21 rooms. All have lovely décor, and several have fascinating historic details.

Additionally, there are many pools, two fine dining establishments, and private patios. For families or small parties, the Old Wash House cottage and Cypress Farm rooms are perfect. The Château Talaud is a former castle that has been converted into a bed and breakfast. It contains five elegant rooms with historical design, as well as two flats and a separate cottage that is perfect for young families. This location is ideal for exploring Orange and Avignon. The Marquis de Sade previously resided at the Château de Mazan, which is now a tranquil, relaxed hotel about 30 minutes from Avignon. There are 30 rooms, each with a different size, design, and feature—some even with hot tubs. A 15th-century castle with expansive views over the charming town of Trigance and beyond is called the Château de Trigance. Ten guestrooms with four-poster beds and lavish tapestries are available, in addition to a delicious buffet in the evocative medieval restaurant. Country Escape A charming chateau with aromatic gardens, a pool, and a 491-hectare forest located in the Vineyard Region. Spa getaways: Hot tubs, a sauna, a steam room, a sun lounge, and a relaxation area are all located in a setting that looks out over vines and olive trees. Foodies: This is a culinary utopia with a Michelin-starred restaurant and a cooking school right there! Wine tasting: The chateau is renowned for its red and rosé wines in particular.

French chateau near Provence

Best Chateaux

In search of your next vacation in the South of France? Provence’s opulent villas or chateaux are unquestionably our top pick. This location is among the most well-liked and romantic in all of Europe for a reason, and it is equally enjoyable in the height of summer as it is in the winter. Is there anything more formally endearing than this? With its magnificent decor, spectacular pool, wood-paneled library, and piano room, Chateau Elegance lives up to its name and offers the whole Provence experience. While enjoying them in your mid-1700s house, take a stroll to the local villages and market towns to get fresh pastries and veggies.

With space for up to 18 guests within its 11-acre grounds, Chateau De Culas, located in the hills at the base of the French Alps, is every outdoor adventurer’s dream. This chateau is a great location for an active break because it is next to a golf course and has a private lake beach. The chilly evenings are less unpleasant when you are swimming in your heated pool.

As with any real estate investment, purchasing a castle or chateau property necessitates careful thought. Set a higher budget if you intend to buy a castle that requires repairs. When deciding where to put a chateau up for sale, there are a few factors to consider. You should consider the immediate area first. Is it located in a busy metropolis or a tranquil rural setting? Decide what’s most essential to you in a new house before searching for one because each has a unique mix of advantages and disadvantages.

French chateau near Provence

The climate in the region where the chateau is situated is another element to take into account. A location in the south of France can be great if you like moderate weather. A château further north would be a better choice, if you like cooler weather.

Last but not least, you should think about the facilities and services that are close to the château. Make careful to find out whether there are any local hospitals, schools, and places to buy and eat. You may be sure to locate the ideal chateau for sale in the ideal location by keeping all of these things in mind.


Size is important. You should take other factors into account as well, though. Consider the following when deciding how significant size is to your purchase:

Your Requirements

What qualities do you need in a chateau? You’ll need a chateau that can accommodate your visitors if you’re going to hold big gatherings or celebrations.

French chateau near Provence

You’re Spending Plan

Costs for larger chateaux are often greater. If you have your heart set on a certain home, be careful to account for the cost of any modifications or additions that may be required.

Your Address

The amount of land that is available where you want to build the chateau could have an impact on its size. If you’re keen on a specific location, you might have to make a size concession.

Your Way of Life

A bigger château will need more employees and maintenance than a smaller one. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure to account for the higher expenses of maintaining a larger home.

French chateau near Provence

Your Favored Options

The choice of how much size matters to you when purchasing a chateau is ultimately a personal one.


The age of the property may be a crucial consideration if you’re thinking about buying a chateau. While newer residences could have more up-to-date facilities and services, older chateaux frequently have a lot of history and charm. When choosing which chateau to buy, it is ultimately up to the buyer to choose what is most important to them.

Older chateaus might frequently require more upkeep and maintenance than younger ones, so if you’re interested in buying one, keep that in mind. But many purchasers believe that an older home’s beauty and character make the extra work needed to maintain it well worth it. Why not enroll in an interior design school to obtain all the necessary skills if you plan to refurbish your chateau yourself? You’ll discover how to design a chic, contemporary house that will make your visitors green with envy. Additionally, you’ll get to ensure that your property is modern by utilizing all the newest trends and procedures. If you want to renovate your chateau, you might be considering enrolling in an interior design school to acquire some cutting-edge methods. It is crucial to keep in mind that repairing a historic property frequently involves understanding the original architecture and design and less about adhering to modern trends, even though there is no harm in taking one or two courses.

French chateau near Provence


When purchasing a French chateau, style and architecture are crucial for a variety of reasons. First, the general appearance and, thus, the impressiveness of the chateau for sale will depend on its style. Second, the chateau’s architecture will affect how useful it is; for instance, a chateau with a more complicated plan can be more challenging to manage. Last but not least, the design and architecture of the chateau might influence its valuation; a chateau with a more distinctive or attractive style may be valued more than one with a more straightforward architecture. In the end, the importance of design and architecture in selecting a chateau for sale is up to the buyer.

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