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The Beautiful City of Toulouse
Toulouse is a university town and it is Frances’s fourth largest city. It has a very colorful and vibrant infrastructure that will keep your eyes entertained at all times. If you love touring, you will be amazed by its beauty, every building looks like a scene out of your childhood favorite movie. Just walking in the streets of La Ville Rose or the Pink city (which is what the city is also called) feels like walking in color it is no wonder it was voted the most attractive place to live in France. The city comes with beautiful and unique cultural experiences with activities like the nocturnal gathering that occurs four times a year at the Victor Hugo Market. This is a French haven for an explorer due to its location.

It is located between the Pyrenees and Mediterranean which means you can go hiking and enjoy nature or have splendid moments at the beach or take a trip to the ancient city of Carcassonne or explore with your taste buds at the Bordeaux wine tasting. Make a choice, but either choice you make you are bound to have beautiful and unforgettable moments with the Pink City. The city is also saturated with restaurants that make mouth-watering French cuisine you will never fall out of love with.

Why own a home in Toulouse?
The city will never stop amazing you with its rich tourist attractions. If you are a fan of ancient history and infrastructure, you will love the Basilica of Saint-Sernin built in the 11th Century. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest Romanesque churches in Europe. If that is not your cup of tea, we can pour from a different teapot and explore the Place du Capitole, the heart of the city built in the 12th century. The city also has an eye-catching Garonne River with the magnificent Pont Neuf, one of the city’s oldest bridges. There is also the Airbus Factory and Aeroscopia Aeroneutical Museum and La Cite de l’Espace. 

The streets of the Pink City have an electric ecstatic that you will not find anywhere else. It being a university town encourages a variety of culture and fashion. If you do not wish to live in the city, you can still use it as a rental home. The city is a beautiful tourist attraction, so some of the tourists would love to come and live like kings and queens in a French palace or you can turn it into renting apartments. French chateaus have managed to survive for centuries, and each passing century they have only been increasing in value. They house a lot of history within their walls. Since the town is a university town, some students would also love to have the full experience of the city while living like royals through their studies. Due to the town’s rich history and perfect location, your homes value will increase overtime.

Meaning of a Chateaus
They are a symbol of wealth and luxury. It was used by the men who used to run the world once upon a time, and now in this day and age we have a chance to inherit that feeling. They still hold the status of power and luxury today, so for whatever reason you will purchase it for you are sure to impress whoever walks into it. Today they are used as venues for parties, weddings, events, and so much more and for some people they still use them as their daily home. It is very possible to live a normal and daily life in a chateau. Get to experience the pleasure of having your own castle. 

The city of Toulouse is also a famous destination for festivals. It has something for everyone throughout the year. The festivals are for a range of age groups, tastes, interests, and explorers. The most recognized being the Toulouse Violet festival, which also gained the city the name capital of violets. Florists from every corner of this sphere come to this town to explore and showcase their most exquisite violets. In the spring there is the Days of Circus festival. The city has a progressive music style that embodies a lot of festivals in the summer. World-famous artists and DJ’s make their way into the city for the E-siesta festival that lasts for several weeks. After the versatile youth festival, another musical festival comes with more electric music ranging from jazz, classical, soul, pop, tango, electro and more, but this festival is a little shorter. When autumn comes, the city prepares for the September spring festival, which starts from mid-September till mid-October. This festival is mostly attended by fans of modern arts and culture. These are the other festivals celebrated in the city:

  • Flamenco Festival
  • Forum de l’Image
  • Inox Festival
  • Rio Loco Festival
  • The Marathon des Mots
  • The Electronic Siestes
  • Toulouse Summer
  • Toulouse beaches 
  • Piano aux Jacobins
  • Cinespaña
  • Antiques Fair

Owning a home in Toulouse means you would have these festivals and activities to always keep you entertained.

Weather in Toulouse
During the summer season, the Toulouse weather is pleasantly warm and mostly clear. The average temperature during this season is 76 Fahrenheits; the hottest month being July. The summer is the best weather in this city which makes it a great time for outdoor activities. The temperatures can both be pleasant and unpleasant with winds and sometimes rainfall. Temperatures do increase very high during heat waves creating a perfect moment to take a dive in the swimming pool or the beautiful Garonne River. During the winter season, the weather gets mild due to the Atlantic disturbances. Toulouse experiences winter rain and sometimes windy. The most intense Atlantic depressions bring about very strong winds which you would not feel in a chateau. The skies get clear during the days at most, and for those that love throwing snowballs, the city does experience snowfall in this season, not exceedingly aggressive but just mild.  

Good neighborhood
In Toulouse, the crime rate is relatively low, which makes you feel freer in your own home. Living in a chateau means more security as these houses were used as castles before, so they were made to be secure from opposing nations to protect the occupants and their riches. The area is also relatively quiet. It is also peaceful and surrounded by beautiful green pastures. This means fresh air for the whole family. You can also start your own garden and eat fresh vegetables in the comfort of your own chateau. For those who have big families or are planning to have one, this is the best place to do it at. The chateau has great space and a lot of rooms to occupy. You will throw the best parties, weddings, and ceremonies in your own home as your children grow up. These chateaus also give you a lot of room to socialize and do all you need to do with some space to breathe, always.
Location, location, location
The population of the city proper (French: commune) was 493,465 at the January 2019 census, with 1,454,158 inhabitants in the metropolitan area, up from 1,252,358 at the January 2008 census. Thus, the metropolitan area registered a population growth rate of +1.37% per year between 2008 and 2019, the third-highest growth rate of any French metropolitan area larger than 500,000 inhabitants in France, after Montpellier and Bordeaux, although it was slightly lower than the growth rate registered between the 1990 and 2008 censuses. Toulouse is the fourth most populated city in France, after Paris, Marseille and Lyon, and the fifth most populated metropolitan area after Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Lille.

When choosing the perfect chateau to purchase before the type of chateau you want to purchase you will first need to decide on the location. The city of Toulouse is a peaceful city and quiet, but some places are quieter and more peaceful than others. You can choose to live in a castle next to the river and fall asleep to the smooth flow of clean river water, or you can choose to live closer to the city residences or choose to live near the beautiful, peaceful green forest scenery. With every given choice you will still wake up like you are in a fairy tale fantasy because you are living like a royal. Then, after the location is secured you will then choose the type of chateau you would like to spend the rest of your days in. You can choose to live in the classic estates that look like something cut out of a Cinderella story, or you can choose to live in the more modern versions of the chateaus. The only problem you might have is finding your perfect chateau in your perfect location, but either way you will find something for you and whoever or whatever you want for the chateau.
Cost of living
If you choose to own a French chateau to start a family in the area, you would be happy to know that the cost of living in France is much lower compared to other western European countries. More so compared to Paris, Toulouse has an even lower cost of living, which makes it an even more ideal area to own a chateau in. This means the electricity to light up your palace will not bring as high of a bill at the end of each month. Chateaus are usually located in wide open areas, so this means there is a lot of sun hitting the surface. You can choose to utilize this advantage and use solar power for your home. Toulouse, as mentioned above, is mostly clear skies and windy, which means if you can manage you can also use wind power to power your home.
Purchasing a Chateau
When purchasing a chateau, you have the option of either having it already renovated or renovating it yourself. Having an already renovated chateau may seem like the ideal option to choose, considering you will not need to pay any more money after buying; all you need to do is move in. It is relatively more expensive, though, compared to a classic chateau, which might or might not have been already renovated. Renovating the chateau, yourself means you can add your own upgrades to it and personalize the interior according to how you envision it. When considering buying one that needs to be upgraded, find out how much will be needed to make the renovations and make all necessary comparisons because regret in a castle never made kings great. Sometimes it might be better to just buy an already restored castle.

Purchasing a home in France is open to everyone with a French bank account and a valid ID. You can buy a chateau in France for less than an apartment, and that means more space and more peace for a lesser price. Before you make that purchase, you need to also consider what you are going to use the chateau for; business or home. You then decide on the location. Consider the use of the chateau when choosing its location. Chateaus also come in different sizes and forms; they range from small manor houses to enormous stately homes. It would be easier to buy one with the use of an agent, bearing in mind that you might have to pay a little extra. The process is worth it because they have a lot more experience with the issue at hand and can direct you better than the internet would. Do not buy the first one you find because you still have not explored all the fish in the sea. Whatever choice you make, be sure you are enjoying living like a royal in the colorful city of Toulouse.

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