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If you ever dreamt of owning your own castle in the heart of France, look no further than Jura France. Imagine waking up to the sound of nothing, not traffic noise, not people in a morning rush but just birds chirping and the rays of sunlight peeking through your window in the morning. That is what owning a chateau in Jura will provide you, with, and nothing short of beauty. Waking up in a chateau is like stepping into a Disney story, but this is real life, and can be your daily life if you consider owning one. Gone are the days when chateaus and castles were only for the powerful, now any ordinary person despite status or power can and should own a chateau if they ever wished for it.

French chateau near Jura

What Is a Chateau and What’s So Special About It?

So what truly differentiates a “chateau” from a “big nation house”? The genuine contrast is within the owner(s). If the family is within the heredity of one of France’s “noble” families, and in case the house has been passed down from one generation to another, it’s as a rule called a chateau. The foremost common definitions of the word in French history books say a chateau is “the home of a master who controls a territory.” Originally, in the 13th and 14th centuries, the French chateaus were built as a form of defence rather than a stately home for residence; you can only imagine how protected and strong they must have been. The latter came to life in later eras as wars and battles became a thing of the past when France and the world revolutionized. These chateaus were usually built on elevated hills with really strong and thick walls to counteract the enemy coming for them and resist attack. It was, be that as it may, the war against the Swiss Confederation within the early 16th century that turned the tide for the foremost celebrated châteaux in France. Triumph by Lord Francis I driven to France recovering the Duchy of Milan and a peace settlement. At that point, triumph by Joan of Circular segments at Orleans over the English, had liberated the Loire Valley of the English, rendering the castles out of date. The 15th century brought the starting of an alter within the strategies of warfare, a decrease within the primitive framework, and the resulting rise of a social arrange in which rich nation houses instead of invigorated castles filled the home necessities of respectability.

French chateau near Jura

The TLC’s of Purchasing a Chateau

If owning a château is your dream, you don’t have to be a student of history, but it’s critical to at slightest be able to distinguish between the distinctive styles and centuries. In the event that you’ve got a settled budget – just like most buyers – make beyond any doubt it incorporates the budget required to refurbish the property according to what will make you feel comfortable after the initial buy. It’s no mystery that most chateaus are at a bargain price because they need some major or minor renovations here and there, which might be costly and the tenacious support required. Structurally redesigning a chateau may set you back about €1,000 per square meter. For a better overview of the cost of chateaus, take a look at the conceivable redesign costs, and see at the depiction of the château for deal and essentially include three zeroes to its add-up to tenable square meter.

However, it’s not all that bad; the advantage is that, in a few cases, French authentic properties can benefit from gifts for redesign work, depending on their status. In France, a recorded property can be classed beneath one of two names. The ‘historical monument’ name is given to properties which speak to the open intrigued since of their verifiable or structural pertinence, whereas ‘listed’ status implies that it’s noteworthy and worth protecting. These names empower the proprietor to qualify for donations for a few of the work which may be required, and conjointly qualify for what can be exceptionally critical charge discounts. Opening a secretly claimed chateau to the open can, too, be an extraordinary way to pick up get-to-advance focal points.

French chateau near Jura

The Types of Chateaus You Can Choose From

Before the year 1000 a frame of castle known as Motte & Bailey had ended up broadly in Europe. A wooden tower (known as a keep) was built on a slope (known as a Motte) encompassed by an external region (known as a Bailey) guarded by a wooden fence; a number of cases are given and outlined by many photographs. Normans created the Motte and Bailey, by building beautiful, buildings, much to the same plan but in stone. Norman Castles were subsequently the primary critical European castles with stone keeps, and a number of them have survived into cutting edge times. Defending castle designs were altered by contact between Christian crusaders and the people groups on the Levant, strikingly the Byzantines and the Moslems of the Sacred Lands. Crusaders learned much from the Byzantines and the Muslims – providing multiple Crusader Castles. Lessons learned penetrated back into Europe, and before long unfathomably moved forward castles, eminently Concentric Castles, began showing.

French chateau near Jura

The National Geographic of Jura France

Jura is a small own in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in Eastern France and it is named after the Jura Mountain. It is in the department of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in Eastern France and the Lons-le-Saunier district. Jura is a place of many mountains, so named after a mountain itself, not only is it a nature of mountains but there are a lot of lakes and rivers too. Some of these rivers such as the Lac de Chalain which is 3 kilometres long and 1 kilometre wide. Lac de Vouglans, being one of the largest man-made lakes in France, was formed after the building of a hydro-electric dam. Lac de Vouglans stretches for over 35 kilometres with stunning water which is used for many water sports, three ports and three beaches. As you travel along the lake, when it reaches Herisson Valley, this river introduces seven waterfalls and 31 jumps on a 3.7 kilometres path, the waterfalls can go as high as 65 meters high. Some lakes that are popular in Jura include:

  • Lac de l’Abbaye
  • Lac d’Antre
  • Lac de Bonlieu
  • Lac de Chalain
  • Lac de Chambly
  • Lacs de Clairvaux
  • Lac de Coiselet
  • Lac de Conflans
  • Lac d’Etival
  • Lac du Fioget
  • Lac d’Ilay
  • Lac de Lamoura
  • Lacs du Maclu
  • Lac de Narlay
  • Lac d’Onoz
  • Lac des Rousses
  • Lac du Val
  • Lac du Vernois
  • Lac de Viremont
  • Lac de Vouglans
French chateau near Jura

Climate of Jura, France

Jura has a varying climate affected by the elevation of mountains, valleys and hills. The lower valleys are warmer and pleasant, while the higher mountains tend to have really cold winters. Due to the elevation of Jura, sitting at 472 meters above sea level, it mostly consists of a warm summer weather most of the months of the year. The average temperature throughout the year is 11.84 ºC making it -0.6% lower than the average France weather. Jura is also an area that receives adequate rainfall of 57 millimetres and 125/365 rainy days (averaging to 34% days of the year).

Tantalizing Taste of Jura

Jura is famous for its variety of cheese. They have the pale yellow Comet which is the most popular in the area, the Mont d’Or, Morbier and Bleu de Gex. Bleu de Gex is a cheese matured over a period of eight to 24 months and has been around since the age of Savoyard monks. For a deeper understanding and love of cheese, there is a curd in the Maison du Comte in the town of Poligny where you’ll learn more about the cheese and even indulge in the smell and flavour of the cheese from afar. Thereafter, the visitors are given a tasting of two assortments to cleanse their palate, the Badoz Vins & Fromages wines are famous in this region, run by a family of award-winning cheese producers.

Even though Jura is a little wine community in France, it does have some of the most praised wines such as the Vin jaune (yellow wine), a white wine made completely from the Savagnin grapes and favoured by most locals. Tourists are able engage and tour through the process of the wine making. Visitors will see that during the wine production the barrels are not filled to the top but they leave a little space at the top barrel to allow the layer of yeasts known as voile (shroud) to form at the top of the surface and allow a process known as oxidation. This makes sure that oxidation occurs to give the nutty flavour during the 6 year maturing of the wine.

French chateau near Jura

Tourist Attractions in Jura

Jura stands high on the building and chimneys of the Great Saltworks. The UNESCO World Heritage was once a mine that draws attention from tourists all around the world owing to its 1200 year old history of salt production and specialization along the Jura mountains. When in Jura, you are able to see the machines used to heat and draw salt out of the brine water sourced from underground wells. When you head deeper into the town of Dole, visitors are amazed by the situate of dukes of Burgundy and the Capital of Franche-Comté from 1332 to 1674, there you will also see the 16th century church with noteworthy crafts and coloured glass windows.

Jura becomes a more exciting place during the summer and winter months because there are many nature exercises to do. You may ski across the numerous mountains that Jura has to offer while taking in the amazing views of this place.

French chateau near Jura

Why Should You Buy a Chateau In Jura, France

After all is said and done, Jura is a very beautiful place, peaceful and has many activities to offer. Owning a chateau in this place is just the icing on top of the cake. There is so much more to keep your feet walking and your eyes entertained. More so, if in a chateau that is owned by you, that is more than a dream life for many individuals. You would be living a vacation life all year round or have a vacation home to which you can escape to when everything gets too much in the city, and if you decide you don’t want to fully live in Jura, you may rent out your chateau to tourists or let it out as a venue for events, weddings, birthdays and so much more. Either way, it is a win for you and very much worth considering owning a chateau in Jura, France.

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