Excellent Houses for sale in Toulon, France and why you should buy

Toulon, nestled on the enchanting French Riviera, has long been a hidden gem awaiting discovery. The allure of this coastal city extends beyond its historical significance and Mediterranean climate, making it an ideal destination for those considering purchasing a property. In this article, we’ll explore the compelling reasons why investing in a house in Toulon, France, is a smart decision.

  1. Scenic Beauty and Mediterranean Climate:

Toulon boasts stunning landscapes with its picturesque coastline and vibrant blue waters. The city is surrounded by lush hills and dotted with charming Provençal villages. The Mediterranean climate means mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers, creating an inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

  1. Historical and Cultural Richness:

With a history dating back to Roman times, Toulon is a city steeped in culture. The Old Town, with its narrow streets and traditional markets, preserves the authenticity of the region. The Toulon Opera House, Naval Museum, and the historic Toulon Cathedral are just a few of the cultural landmarks that add to the city’s charm.

  1. Education:

The city is home to several prestigious educational institutions, making it an ideal location for families seeking quality education for their children. The University of Toulon, renowned for its research and academic programs, offers a diverse range of courses. Additionally, the city’s primary and secondary schools uphold high educational standards, providing a solid foundation for students.

  1. Strategic Location:

Toulon’s strategic location makes it a gateway to explore other parts of the French Riviera. Easy access to renowned destinations such as Saint-Tropez, Marseille, and Nice make Toulon an ideal base for both leisure and business travelers. The city is well-connected by road, rail, and sea, ensuring convenient transportation options.

  1. Booming Real Estate Market:

The real estate market is experiencing a positive trend, making it an opportune time to invest. Property values have shown steady appreciation, and the demand for homes in this idyllic setting is on the rise. Whether you’re looking for a seaside villa, a cozy apartment, or a historic townhouse, Toulon offers diverse options to suit different preferences and budgets.

  1. Quality of Life:

The area offers a high quality of life with its laid-back atmosphere, excellent healthcare facilities, and a strong sense of community. Residents enjoy a relaxed pace of life, surrounded by natural beauty, while still having access to modern amenities and services. The city’s commitment to sustainable development further enhances the overall quality of life.

  1. Maritime and Nautical Paradise:

As a major French naval base, Toulon has a strong maritime identity. The city’s harbor is a hub for yachting and water sports enthusiasts. Residents can embrace a nautical lifestyle, exploring the nearby Calanques, engaging in sailing, or simply enjoying the Mediterranean sun along the pristine beaches.

  1. Culinary Delights:

Toulon is a culinary haven, offering a delightful array of Provençal flavors. From fresh seafood to aromatic herbs, the local cuisine is a celebration of the region’s rich agricultural and maritime resources. The numerous bistros, cafes, and Michelin-starred restaurants provide residents with a diverse and delicious gastronomic experience.

Here are some houses for sale:

1. Exceptional Dual-Dwelling Family House

Image: bellesdemeures.com

Nestled in the sought-after Aguillon/Bas Serinette district in Toulon, this expansive 225 m2 family house, presented by effiCity and Karim Bourdeche, presents a unique opportunity. The property’s configuration allows for the creation of two independent dwellings, making it ideal for a large family or a lucrative rental investment. The ground floor features a T4-type apartment with a kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms including a master suite, and outdoor spaces like a sunny terrace and garden. Upstairs, a fully renovated T4 apartment boasts modern amenities and opens onto a south-facing terrace. The property sits on a 1128 m2 plot, providing ample space for a potential swimming pool. Alongside the two main houses, it includes an independent studio, an 18 m2 garage, a well, and practical sheds. This exceptional offering combines elegance, functionality, and Mediterranean charm, representing a rare opportunity in the real estate market.

Price: €840,000


2. Renovated House with a Theater and a Pool

Image: bellesdemeures.com

Situated in the heart of Toulon’s La Serinette district, near Cap Brun’s beaches, lies an emblematic property with historical significance as the former residence of the renowned singer of the Roaring Twenties, Félix Mayol. Notably, Mayol was responsible for building the Toulon rugby stadium that still bears his name today. This prestigious estate, set on beautifully landscaped grounds spanning approximately 3,500 m², features a meticulously renovated main house of around 355 m², preserving the essence of the place. The property includes a theater, a swimming pool, and annexes, all awaiting renovation. The ground floor of the villa boasts spacious reception rooms opening onto terraces and a patio, while the top floor showcases a large parental space with a terrace, two bedrooms with ensuite facilities opening onto a glass terrace, and two additional bedrooms, a shower room, and a living room. Félix Mayol’s legacy, coupled with the exceptional quality of the renovation, the choice of materials, and the expansive land, imparts a truly exceptional character to this historic property.

Price: €2 400 000


3. Charming 18th-Century Toulon Property

image: bellesdemeures.com

Discover peace and natural beauty in Toulon with this enchanting 262 m² building surrounded by over 1.2 hectares of lush, fenced grounds adorned with regional vegetation. The south-facing main residence, covering 205 m², features a living room, dining room, kitchen with a spacious utility room, master suite with a shower room and dressing room, three bedrooms, a bathroom, toilet, and a boiler room. The property also offers convertible attic space (72 m²), a versatile 31 m² greenhouse, an attached garage (22 m²), a transformable workshop garage (97 m²), a washhouse, and a T3 apartment (57 m²). This 18th-century gem, perfect for large families, exudes authenticity and offers a peaceful environment for those who cherish every moment amidst nature.

Price: €1 550 000


4. Elegant Villa with Breathtaking Views and Enchanting Gardens

Image: properstar.com

Nestled in a picturesque setting, this stunning three-level villa offers a seamless blend of luxury and comfort. The ground floor features a spacious living room, dining area, and kitchen, creating an inviting space for social gatherings. The second level boasts three refined bedrooms, including a master suite with a dressing room and double-shower bathroom. The first floor provides additional versatile spaces, perfect for an office, game room, or dedicated TV corner. The 660m² plot is a lush green oasis with fruit trees, an enclosed pool area, and various terraces. Additional amenities include a 9 x 4m chlorine pool, a 16m² garage, and a modifiable outbuilding. The house is equipped with optimal heating, complete insulation, and energy-efficient features, ensuring a comfortable and eco-friendly residence. Meticulously maintained with high-quality materials, this villa promises an exceptional quality of life.

Price: €930,000


5. A Renovated 1940s Gem with Panoramic Mediterranean Views

image: seloger.com

Step into this exceptional 1940s house, meticulously renovated and perched on the prestigious Corniche du Faron, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and majestic Faron. The marriage of historic charm and modern comfort is evident throughout the 175 m² residence, featuring three bedrooms, three shower rooms, and a bathroom. The integration of cutting-edge technologies, including home automation, video surveillance, and air conditioning, ensures both comfort and safety. The expansive 72 m² living room/kitchen serves as the heart of the house, leading to a 160 m² terrace with multiple spaces for relaxation and entertainment. The private oasis extends to a sparkling swimming pool, a studio on the ground floor, and surprises throughout the 756 m² land. Two garages and an indoor parking lot provide convenient parking. Bathed in natural light, this unique property offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, becoming a true haven of peace with incomparable quality of life. Don’t miss the chance to call this renovated gem on the Corniche du Faron your home—a unique real estate opportunity blending history with contemporary living.

Toulon emerges as an extraordinary destination that seamlessly blends historical richness, natural beauty, and modern amenities, making it a compelling choice for property investment. The enchanting landscapes, Mediterranean climate, and cultural heritage create an alluring backdrop for those seeking a residence that transcends the ordinary.

In essence, investing in a property in Toulon transcends the acquisition of a physical space; it represents an immersion into a lifestyle that celebrates history, nature, and modernity. With its timeless appeal, Toulon stands as a hidden gem waiting to be discovered and appreciated by those seeking a harmonious blend of culture, convenience, and charm in the heart of the French Riviera.

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