Elevated Elegance: Inspired Raised Decking Ideas for UK Homes

A raised deck serves many purposes for a building. It gives the home a unique style and character, adds value to the property and solves issues of landscaping for the homeowner.

If you are thinking of using raised decking for your home, there are a number of ideas you can choose from to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Let’s check out a few, shall we?

Add Different Heights to Your Raised Deck

When it comes to raised decking, there’s no reason you cannot be creative and spontaneous with your design, it’s your home after all.

To add complexity and beauty to your design, you could make your raised deck have varying heights. This could be reasonable if you want to zone your patio for different uses like a BBQ area and dining space or if you want a raised decked stairway.

Either way, make sure you know how to make your deck non-slippery to avoid falls when going up or coming down the stairs.

Envelop Your Home With Raised Decking

This idea can be particularly sensual for homeowners who have magnificent views of their surroundings.

It can help you flaunt the view and at the same time enjoy the view.

If you have a house that allows you to view from all angles, then you should build a deck that envelops the sides of the building, creating an elevated platform which you can use to enjoy far sceneries at night or during the day.

This type of decking will also make sense if your home is situated on a sloppy landscape.

Opt for Composite Decking

To effectively enjoy all the above ideas, regardless of the one you choose, composite decking is your best bet.

You should choose composite decking as your decking material because it is durable and requires little to no maintenance.

For example, composite decking doesn’t require regular painting because the colour doesn’t fade easily as compared to wood or timber.

It also has greater slip resistance as compared to timber which is something you should consider with the subject matter being raised decking.

Raised Deck With Handrails

Depending on how high your deck is, you can add handrails for support and safety.

If you have a family with children, this is a safe option for you. They can traverse the deck freely because protective measures have been installed to guarantee their safety.

The good thing is that there are a lot of options to go for that would suit your unique style, building structure and landscape.

You could go for a glass balustrade system, perfect for whatever height your deck is raised to. This could be a good option if you have grown-up kids, they won’t be so clumsy as not to mind the glass.

Another alternative is the composite railing, a good match if your raised deck is made of composite decking. They are stable and stylish for any building set-up, strong enough to support your little kids too.


A Diagonal Raised Deck

Placing your deck boards diagonally has a way of bringing instant uniqueness and style to your building. You could also lay them out to form a herringbone pattern. It’s all about creativity.

On the other hand, according to Leigh Barnes at Jackson Fencing, installing decking boards in the opposite direction of the travel increases the slip resistance and gives you more grip.

This solves the issue of falls and trips we’ve been discussing all day long. It’s a win-win for you.

Extend Your Space With Raised Decking

If you’ve always wanted to create an extension of your home into your garden or patio but couldn’t because of the sloppy landscape, this is the perfect idea for you.

Instead of creating the conventional stairs, you can use raised decking to connect your patio to your garden.

It can also create more space for you to add other features to your patio, giving you a seamless walk into the outdoors.

A Curved Raised Deck

There are various patterns and shapes your deck can take, it doesn’t have always to be square or rectangular.

A curved raised deck can be visually pleasing and give your outdoor space a bit of precision and coordination.

It is a useful idea for large and small outdoor spaces. In the aspect of giving it precision, this should be possible for large outdoor spaces, cutting off the rough edges and instilling softness and calm in your space.

On the other hand, because of its circular nature, it makes a small outdoor space feel bigger, making more room for movement.

Paint Your Raised Deck

Last but not least, add some colour to your beautifully constructed decking.

Be sure your deck is free of specks and dust before painting and opt for colors that would complement your building and portray your unique style.


Raised decking can be used to enhance features like a pond, a garden, or a patio on your property. It can also be beneficial to you as a homeowner in terms of adding value to your property, so consider it a good investment and get one for your property right away.

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