Châteaux for sale in France

Why are there châteaux for sale in France?

The beauty of France
When you mention the name France, the first thing that comes to mind is Paris. Paris is the capital of France and the destination for tourists who want to gaze at and explore the beauty of the Eiffel tower, which is considered one of the world’s 7 wonders of the world. France is the world’s most popular tourist destination, debatably the most beautiful country in the world, with its glamorous buildings, exquisite and plentiful galleries, chic cafes etcetera. But it has so much more that just Paris! The country also has amazing natural beauty with its glittering coastlines on the French Riviera, the patchwork fields of the Loire Valley, the snow-capped Alps, and centuries-old harbor towns of Normandy. 

France basically has a little bit of everything and is diverse in culture. Northwest of the country you will find an eye-catching Brittany coastline of rugged cliffs, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Northeast there is the scenic Alsace villages, linked with renown wine, with marvelous islands to the west and southern shores, Roman amphitheaters, ancient cave drawings, and countryside in between. The cultures in most regions were influenced by the already existing surrounding cultures, which makes the country even more diverse and adds on to its beauty. France also has a diverse infrastructure varying from city to city, region to region.

The history told by the country
France has seen several empires and republics rise and fall; the greater the empire, the greater the impact they made on the history, culture, and infrastructure of the country. Loire valley has a glut of castles that used to house the most influential men of the ancient times, sitting gracefully behind graciously manicured gardens. Some of the country’s history is preserved in the ancient cave paintings found in Font-de-Gaume. History is on every corner and road in France.

France also has 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites which range from religious buildings, forts, medieval towns, castles, and landscapes spread all over the country. These sites are also a tourist attraction in France. Many of these sites are immutable, thus preserving the history of the country for future generations to see. Walking through some streets feels like a glimpse into a time this generation never existed at all, and the feel is unmatched. There is a lot to explore in the country of France, living in it is like an adventure for when you take a fancy to the culture and hidden gems you will always have something new you find. 

What to consider when buying a chateau
Before considering buying a chateau, you first need to consider your budget. Chateaus are affordable, but their prices are determined by a lot of factors. These facts include the size, the condition, and the location of the building. With choosing whether you are buying an already renovated castle or a chateau that will need renewing, you also have to consider the total costs of both. Some buildings are cheaper to buy, but also adding the renovation costs, it will be far more expensive than just buying an already renovated chateau. Do your research, if you want to buy an already renovated home, first rent it for a while and learn more about its condition while living in it so you experience its beauty ad ugliness first hand. 

Choosing a location is also just as important because it is heart-breaking to love the building you are in and hate the place it was placed at. Luckily, France has a lot of options for you to choose from before making the final choice. but it also comes as a disadvantage as it creates a large range of appealing buildings with different locations which are all ravishing in their own right. You can be in a densely populated area or a very secluded area, in the countryside or near the city.

All these mentioned above become easier to maneuver when you have someone who is already in the business helping you. You should get a real estate agent to assist you in this endeavor.  There are a couple of them you can find on the internet; go explore and follow your heart to it has what it desires. With the help you will get a lot of options so you will least likely make the mistake of choosing the first chateau you find.

Buy a chateau for business or for family
For whatever reason, you might be buying the chateau, first consider the reason you are getting it. Are you buying it to start a family or to start a business? Since France is already a tourist attraction, this means you already have a market and target if you are purchasing the chateau to start a business, so you would probably set it near a people. Chateaus are for luxury and expensive taste, so you can use it to rent or use it as a bed and breakfast for the rich tourists traveling in the country and desiring to live like royals. This is guaranteed to bring in income throughout the year because the country’s borders never sleep. This is where location also comes in, because you are using for tourists you need to be around the beautiful sites or in the cities that have numeral festivals throughout the year.

You can be buying the chateau for family purposes, so you might want to be in a secluded area to be as far from the loud cities as possible. Chateaus have large spacious rooms and a lot of them, so you can have a lot of children and none of them would have to share a room, just like young princes and princesses. Some of these homes come with a garden, big porch, river, orchard, or a golf course, and if not, you have all the space on your castle to create one. You can also buy it as a second home to use for holidays or just an escape from your everyday busy city life. Make the choice of the location, knowing the use of the chateau.

New bucket list entry
Owning your own castle is a pat on the should not a lot of people get to have. Now you can check owning a castle off your bucket list. In an age where all people call themselves kings and queens, you can now own a castle and get the full experience. Chateaus are usually situated in scenic countryside locations providing peace of mind and fresh air. When you purchase a chateau, not only are you also purchasing its history, too. 

Right now, the chateaus are relatively easy to purchase, but this time, like every other time will pass and the chateaus will no longer be as affordable as they are now. If you manage to make the smart choice now and purchase one, you would have made a smart investment. Chateaus are rare but cheaper in France, making it the best place to purchase one. Chateaus will generally use a lot of electricity so it would be best to install solar panels in your home to power up your castle. Due to France also being a tourist attraction, the busiest in the whole world, this chateau is least likely to lose value so you will get value for money and then some. For whatever reason, you would have bought it if you feel it after a while, you will get a great return on your investment.

Power symbol
A chateau may be a “control house”, as Sir John Summerson named the British and Irish “stately homes” that are the British Isles’ building partners to French châteaux. It is the individual (and ordinarily genetic) identification of a family that, with a few official rank, locally speaks to the regal specialist; in this way, the word château frequently alludes to the staying of a part of either the French respectability or eminence. In any case, a few fine châteaux, such as Vaux-le-Vicomte, were built by the basically high-bourgeois—people but as of late honored: tax-farmers and priests of Louis XIII and his illustrious successors. The quality of the homes may change impressively, from terrific châteaux possessed by eminence and the well-off first class close bigger towns to run-down châteaux vacated by destitute respectability and authorities within the countryside, confined and vulnerable. In the ancient time the rich used to build chateaus to show their wealth and protect themselves. The best architecture was hired to design these homes and the best came out of it. Owning one now still holds the same value as then; the difference being now you will not be raided while you sleep by a foreign king. It represents luxury, thus putting you on the society’s pedestal just like they used to do with the kings.

Chateaus offer great privacy to its occupants. Unlike apartments in the city where you can meet your neighbors, the Chateau has a closed-in yard with a long pathway to the front porch. It is peaceful to be in your own space, far from the city, connecting with nature. There are also different types of chateaus, and all come in different sizes. Choosing who to let into your space comes as a benefit of owning a chateau. Most chateaus are located near some of France’s tourist attractions, thus making it ideal for the tourists that do not want to always be mingling with the locals.

Hospitality in France
France generally has a good hospitality reputation for its visitors. This is another reason why, although it is a French speaking country, it still manages to draw in a lot of people each year. Moreover, there are many people who speak English in France so being an English native does not limit you from moving to France because you can still fit in. Although you might need to learn a little bit French to get around some places. France also has a relatively low crime rate, and that means all tourists feel safe walking in these foreign streets with their cameras out, getting amazed by everything they gaze upon. Since 2015 the crime rate has decreased by 13.92%; this means the city is getting safer and safer; why would you not want to live in this haven?  

Buying property in France
Buying property in France is open to everyone, and it is moderately easy. The prices of property in France are also relatively low; the Covid 19 pandemic did not dampen the French property market. The market is very stable; it is considered as one of the well-regulated markets in the world. Due to the predominance of fixed rate repayment mortgages, the market has proved to be stable and robust. Even though the pandemic affected the whole world and crippled the economies of a lot of countries, France’s economy recovered and seems to be growing exponentially over the past couple of months.
So, draft up a budget, and head down to France with a plan; get a realtor agent and purchase a palace you will cherish for the next generations to come. You will need a valid ID, a plan, and some money for the cause. It will be a little bit more challenging for a foreigner to purchase the chateau, but it is very possible to do so. France is a welcoming country to all nationals and a place worth living at more so in a chateau. 

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