Chateau for sale in Var, France

The exquisite Var region in France will welcome you with its beautiful lavender and wine-growing scenery, Var has some of the most beautiful castles in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The town of Fox Amphoux, which is only a few miles away, offers a boulangerie, restaurants, and a bar, making it an ideal spot for a vacation.

There you could find chateaux of different styles and tastes, suitable for different types of travelers and people. Whether you choose the area for its beauty and make a staycation there, or you choose to purchase your forever home in the middle of cozy and picturesque nature – Var is the perfect place for you. The region is rich in goods and it will welcome everyone warmly. If sunbathing and relaxing by the pool are more your ideas that’s fine – there are some small cozy chateaux that will provide just that. But if you want to embrace the luxurious lifestyle and the amazing perks that come up with having a castle – Var will definitely have much to offer. The region has some of the most authentic French castles, decorated in the traditional style, that will really make you feel like royalty.

French chateau near Var

About the place

The Var department of France is located along the French Riviera between Bandol and Saint-Raphael, in the central-southern area of Provence. The Mediterranean’s sizzling coastline steals the show here, and the coast is unquestionably alluring, but Var offers so much more than super-yachts and pricey bouillabaisse. This département is one of the most diverse and fascinating in Provence, with a network of lovely islands, spectacular isolated sanctuaries, and uplands sprinkled with historic villages like the Fox Amphoux.

A historic stone church stands at the far end of the village’s central plaza. A three-star hotel is situated next to the church, and one of its eight rooms is an antique monk’s cell in the church’s bell tower.

Apart from the modest motel, the only other place of business is a small weaver’s store selling some fabulous hand-woven woollen clothes. But even the most lovely outfits are inedible, and there are no other stores or cafés here (except for the quite pricey Auberge); maybe this is one of the reasons this lovely small hamlet is as quiet “off-season” as it is during holiday time.

French chateau near Var

Benefits of Buying a chateau in Var, France.

Var is located in Provence, which is one of France’s wealthiest, and is France’s second most popular tourist destination after Paris. Lavender fields, olive groves, and wineries abound in this idyllic region in the Mediterranean’s Southeast. Historic towns, castles atop hills, and medieval architecture in the major cities give this region a distinct flavour. Provence’s cultural legacy is another excellent feature of this must-see attractive place.

Toulon is the Var’s most populous city and the region’s administrative center. Fréjus, Saint-Raphael, Draguignan, Brignoles, Hyères, and La Seyne-sur-Mer are just a few of the Var’s notable cities.

Among the Var’s many attractions are Toulon’s harbour, which serves as the primary port of the French Navy, as well as the world-famous coastal resort of Saint-Tropez, and the Le Thoronet Abbey and Fréjus Cathedral, two superb specimens of Romanesque and Medieval architecture.

Tourism in the Var is booming, thanks in large part to the region’s excellent Mediterranean climate, which ranges from 10 degrees in the winter to around 30 degrees in the summer, as well as its many opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as biking through the region’s scenic countryside or playing golf on one of the region’s numerous courses.

French chateau near Var

How to locate the ideal property for sale in Var France

This is your opportunity to acquire a French castle, if you’ve always wanted one. In the South Eastern France department of Var, there are a number of lovely homes now on the market. Everything doesn’t matter whether you want a rural estate or a medieval castle, Yonne has it.

Visit some of the department’s real estate websites to get a head start on your search. You may go through all of Var’s current listings on these websites. You may also use these sites to focus your search on a certain price range or sort of home you’re interested in purchasing. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few viable options, set up appointments to view each one in person. You may get a better sense of the home and its environs by taking a tour.

Having a real estate agent on your side is essential when making an offer on a home. They’ll be able to get you the finest deal possible. In Var France, they’ll assist you choose the right place to live.

French chateau near Var

Chateaus for sale Var France offer an idyllic and luxurious lifestyle

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a castle straight out of a fairy tale, a French chateau for sale may be the ideal choice for you. Owning a chateau is unquestionably a sign of affluence and a sign of one’s place in society. The lifestyle that comes with living in a chateau, on the other hand, might be difficult to replicate elsewhere. Chateaus, with their sprawling grounds and well tended gardens, as well as their opulent interiors, convey an unrivaled feeling of history and tradition. It goes without saying that no two chateaux are exactly the same. Depending on the price and the amount of land or amenities included, some homes may be more accessible than others. However, purchasing a chateau in France is an investment that is certain to pay off.

French chateau near Var

Var is located in the Côte d’Azur which is a growing economic corridor.

The Côte d’Azur is primarily a tourist destination but has a robust economic draw. Business activities in the region grew by 19.2% in 2018 compared to the national average of 16.9%. The technology, transportation, and service industries have all seen significant gains in the last year.

The desire for a change in career may be the driving force behind a move to the French Riviera. A lot is riding on this area’s real estate market. It is becoming more common for people in Paris to relocate to the city’s southeast to take advantage of the region’s favourable environment and economic prospects. Those that made the shift cited the beauty of the environment as a significant factor in their decision.

Several nearby towns, such as Monaco, are thriving in the rental market, but Cannes stands out for its numerous professional conferences held throughout the year. There are 300 days of congresses held in Cannes each year, drawing participants from all over the globe. Investing in a villa or apartment to rent out during the Cannes International Film Festival is an intelligent move. Renting space at conferences may become complicated, so don’t forget to include it in the formal leasing agreement.

French chateau near Var

France is a beautiful country and relaxing to live in

France is the most popular tourist destination in the world for a reason. From an Alpine chalet to an old stone farmhouse to a chateau in Var , there is a place for every type of traveler to choose from.

The slower pace of life naturally reduces stress, but the quality of fresh air, pure water, and abundant locally grown produce in the village markets here are just as good. Although many fruits and vegetables are not certified organic, they are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and are therefore considered organic. Produce grown within a 30-kilometer radius has a flavor and freshness that cannot be matched by items purchased at large grocery chains. Many Countryside village fountains provide year-round drinking water. Pollution is seldom an issue because only a few automobiles pass by.

French chateau near Var

The Var is one of the best departments in the Country

In research released on July 11th, “Propriétés Le Figaro” looked at the most famous French locations for second homes. Seven of the ten most popular places in this list are in the Var. The top spot goes to Grimaud, a little traditional town in Saint-bay, Tropez’s, followed by Rayol-Canadel-Sur-Mer, which maintains its position. Two beautiful sites overlooking a sea filled with homes give stunning views.

Gassin (number four), Saint-Tropez (number five), Ramatuelle (number seven), Le Lavandou (number eight), and Bormes-les-Mimosas (number nine) are all coastal resorts (No. 9). Despite the limitations imposed by the subjectivity inherent in such an analysis, You can gauge the Var department’s attractiveness in real estate by looking at factors such as the amount of annual sunshine, the proximity of services and recreation, the quality of the local environment, the percentage of prestige properties, and the percentage of second homes in a city.

French chateau near Var

Purchase a home in the Var for a unique living experience.

As a result, the Var department is one of France’s most popular tourist attractions and the most sought-after place to buy real estate in the country. In reality, the region’s 432 miles of stunning coastline provide a natural setting between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps. The medium-sized communities are vibrant and active throughout the year.. St. Raphael is a lively urban centre with 15,000 residents not far from Saint-Tropez, which mixes the city’s energy with the pine forest and the neighbouring “Calanques.”

In addition, the Var hinterland’s allure is well-established, thanks to the region’s picturesque combination of mountains and real little towns. The region’s easy access through the Paris-Nice TGV rail line and flights out of the adjacent Nice airport is also a big plus for potential investors.

French chateau near Var

Home Buying advice for France

  • Decide what’s important to you, and take your time before making a purchase; research and get to know the neighbourhood thoroughly. Consider renting for a year before purchasing.
  • Find out what kinds of properties are available, how much they cost and how much work they need before buying.
  • You must quickly sign a compromise de vente for the property of your choice to ensure the sale is blocked in your favour.
  • During the ten days after the first signing, have your notary and building expert check through all of the technical documentation to see if they can point out any possible concerns.
  • Please spend some time outside the property and the area to get a second view on whether or not it’s the right fit for you.
  • Ask your bank how much you may borrow before making offers, including the 8% notary fee/taxes and remodelling charges. Consult your bank.
  • You should contact several banks and mortgage companies. Openly compare their rates to get them to lower theirs.
  • Get a notary to review your contracts and provide you with extra guidance. In the course of the transaction, they’ll stand up for your rights.
French chateau near Var

Things to do in Var:

Mercantour National Park is home to some of the best-preserved scenic landscapes in southeast France. If you’re a fan of mountaineering, mountain biking, climbing, and even whitewater boating, this is the place for you in the summertime! Finally, the park is a hiking paradise in the upper valley of the Var river, with about 1,000 hiking paths.

Among the “history” of this village are dinosaurs, which are renowned across the globe because of the excavation sites there. How about a 72 million-year voyage back in time? Go to the Fox-Amphoux Museum, too, then! One of the best places to see a wide variety of dinosaurs. The bones were found during the village’s almost twelve-year-long excavation process. You’ll learn all there is to know about Rhabdodon, Variraptor, and the rest of the Strutiosaurs.

Other places to visit include:

  • St. Blaise church.
  • The Barras house.
  • Notre Dame du Bon Secours Chapel.
  • Ruins of the ramparts.
  • Prehistoric ruins, a dolmen.
  • Roman temple.

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