Chateau for sale in North Western France

France’s North West region

The distinctive culture and terrain of France’s Northwest Region are rich in history and bore the scars of countless eras of conflict, triumph, and glory. Rivers that are in motion and rugged cliffs serve to highlight the rolling countryside. These area’s historical treasures include majestic cathedrals and opulent chateaux. The Loire, which contains the Pays de la Loire, which borders the Atlantic coast, and Center-Val de Loire, which is home to most of the region’s renowned chateaux, are minor areas that make up Brittany, Normandy, and the Loire.

The protruding peninsula of Brittany is surrounded by the English Channel and Atlantic Ocean, and it is home to charming seaport towns, vast granite cliffs, and sandy beaches. Brittany’s citizens have a distinctive culture, with many referring to themselves as “Bretons” rather than “French.” The intriguing prehistoric site of Carnac, which features huge upright standing stones known as the 3000 Menhirs arranged in parallel rows. Belle-Ile, Brittany’s biggest Island, and Quimper, noted for its faience tableware, are just a few fascinating sites to explore.

Tourists from all over the world love to visit the beaches and resorts of Normandy. Although the horrific fighting of World War II has irreparably changed Normandy, there are still many medieval ruins, Gothic buildings, and historic abbeys to explore. History enthusiasts like visiting Caen and Arromanches as well as the beaches of Normandy. Bayeux tapestry is another stunning site in this region of France you should be sure to visit if you ever visit France. Mont St. Michel appears to be floating on the water; and around it is The Abbey, which itself is magnificent. The home and garden of Monet at Giverny are a wonderful pleasure, while Honfleur is a charming maritime hamlet.

France is exceptional and unique in almost every way you can imagine possible, and this is also true about its Northwest region. Owning a chateau in France’s northwestern region is one of the best decisions to make in its appreciating economy, with its beautiful history and architecture you are sure to find what your heart desires. Its spectacular scenery is one of its attractions and all cities have their own traditions, festivals and food, you will never get enough of northwest France.

The food in the North West region of France

France is already known for its amazing cuisines, its different staple dishes, and location-varying cuisines. The best-known foods from Normandy are its shellfish, particularly mussels and oysters, as well as its apples, which are also used to make cider and calvados. Normandy is also the home of Camembert cheese. The ubiquitous crepe, which is eaten most frequently with sugar, sugar and lemon, or butter and sugar, is a staple of Brittany, the region next door.

With Brittany alone producing 80% of France’s shellfish harvest, Brittany, and Normandy both thus have large fishing sectors. In the north, there are plenty of mussels, lobsters, crab, scallops, langoustine, oysters, and winkles, as well as crisp, light, dry wines with mouthwatering flavors that pair perfectly with the salty, saline flavors of the ocean. Moules Marinières, a traditional dish from Brittany prepared with mussels, garlic, shallots, thyme, parsley, cream, and white wine, pairs perfectly with the Muscadet white wines that are made nearby. The northwestern part of France has a weather that supports the growth of vineyards, thus allowing a lot of wineries to function in the area.

The northern French have Astonishingly creative desserts made with butter and cream, such as truffles, decadent pies, tarts, éclairs, cakes, crème brûlée and éclairs. These desserts pair well with late-harvest wines like the Sauternes, namely the Château Guiraud, Suduiraut, or sweet fortified whites like Chapoutier.

Investing in a chateau in France

A French chateau is the ideal investment if you’re searching for something that will grow in value over time. France’s economy has been going up since the pandemic and there has been a long-term upward trend in national property prices, with no signs that it will end soon. In addition to being in great demand, chateaus are also very inexpensive when compared to other luxury homes worldwide, especially in France. France has the cheapest castles compared to any other country in the world, and this is due to the fact that they are plentiful in the country, and due to the availability of land in France it makes property generally cheaper. There are a few considerations to make while looking for the ideal property think about the reason you are purchasing the property first, then you can think about where you would like to have such a piece of investment. A selling factor will always be close proximity to well-known tourist attractions and big cities. Then be sure to locate a trustworthy real estate agent with expertise in castles. This will help make your experience easier. Getting a good real estate agent is just as important as buying the chateaus itself, because if you get a good one you can get the castle you have been dreaming of in your budget.

Festivals in the North Western

The northwestern French is rich in history, culture, food and festivals. Throughout the year a large number of people visit the region just to experience what the region has to offer. Due to the location and unique history of the region, the region has a lot of regional festivals that you can only find there and nowhere else, and below are some of the regions well-renowned festivals you will keep yourself busy with when you visit France or when you buy property in the area.

  • Berck-sur-Mer’s international Kite Festival

Nearly a million fans of the festival go to the broad Berck-sur-Mer beach to admire the most innovative kites ever made. The festival comes with entertainment for all ages, available to everyone. It is held in a secure setting, where you and your family can safely learn how to construct and fly kites. The sky is filled with aquatic life, incredible flying animals, enormous octopuses, and even recognizable cartoon figures. it becomes a vibrant celebration where you may put your toes in the sand and your brow in the clouds, and let your eyes be amazed by what the hands of men can do when given the chance to show off.

  • A mythical race

Along with the Milan-San Remo and Tour of Flanders events, this cycling competition is nicknamed The Toughest of the Tough for a reason. The Paris-Roubaix, which was first held in 1896, is renowned for its cobblestone sections. The accomplishments of previous winners, Frenchmen Bernard Hinault, Belgians Eddy Merckx, Johan Museeuw, Gilbert Duclos-Lassale, also helped set the game to the next level in terms of reputation. the joyous atmosphere permeates the entire race. Every year on Aprils second Sunday, tens of thousands of cycling enthusiasts swarm the Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardy verges to cheer on and admire the valiant athletes who have only one goal in mind: to make it to the Roubaix Velodrome.

  • The Fête du Flobart in Wissant

Traditional flobarts, which can float in less than 30 cm of water, are only found in Northern France, Opal Coast. Wissant, a beach town located in northern France, is the last fishing community still using this wooden boat and the related fishing technique. This is commemorated each year during the Fête du Flobart, a fantastic activity for families seeking for family-friendly activities to do in France. The opportunity to teach children about French tradition and culture while spending quality time as a family is provided by this exciting event. It is a perfect complement to family vacations in France. On the schedule are performances of live music, displays, seafood samples and marine craft demonstrations. The parade of flobarts, pulled by Boulonnais horses, a native draft breed, through this charming French village and out to the sea, is the highlight of the whole event. With its clifftop treks, outdoor activities, and views of the English coast and the gray seals, Wissant in France is one of the two headlands of the Grand Site des Deux Caps natural reserve. Cap Blanc-Nez is one of the two headlands.

  • Fêtes Guillaume in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

This jubilant festival honoring William the Conqueror is a fantastic activity to include in family vacations to France. It includes an encampment with historical reenactments, music, street performers (fire-breathers, jugglers etc.), a medieval market, and artisan food stands. Les Fêtes Guillaume is an excellent opportunity to teach children about French history and a fun day out for everybody. Guillaume le Conquérant left this beautiful small French village on his newly found quest to conquer England. Over the course of two days, performers in medieval costumes recreate daily life in the Norman era by performing tasks like cooking and leatherworking.

  • Main-Square-Festival

In the northern French city of Arras, the main square festival first took place in 2004. Historic Arras is both gorgeous and at the intersection of London, Paris, and Brussels; where better to host one of France’s most diverse summer music festivals? the atmosphere is very electric and full of life. Every July, at the UNESCO-listed Citadel, a combined audience of 120,000 people watch worldwide music performers play on the world stage, including rising talents, well-known artists, and music icons. This event welcomes summer collective crowd surfing in Northern France, with wristbands for entrance, phones for recording the experience, and sunglasses are also required. While everyone is here to engage through a variety of musical genres like hip-hop, dance, rock, indie, electronic, etc., the festival experience is completed with camping, street food, and leisure zones.

The low cost of living in France

Compared to other western European nations, France has a cheap cost of living. Living in France is less expensive than living anyplace else in Europe. France helped local businesses during the pandemic so the economy would not see its downfall, and this also adds up on reasons for its cheap good lifestyle. Regardless of age or financial status, all inhabitants of France have access to a high-quality healthcare system. It comprises a network of integrated public and private services, such as medical facilities, hospitals, and specialized providers. With an overall score of 42.60, France’s largely government-run healthcare system placed 25th in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation. 25 might sound like a large number until you compare it to the 125, which is the number of countries in the world. France will thus maintain your family as healthy as possible; if you are buying property with the intention of moving in; the rest is up to you. France has a low crime rate that is steadily declining, so you, your family, colleagues, and renters can always feel comfortable visiting and enjoying the country’s tourism destinations.

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