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France is the best place to own property

Like many stories in fairy tales set in European countries, France is certainly one of those dreamlands – it is like living in folk tales, where the stories of princesses and princes alternate with each other. Thus, living there means preserving and being involved in these stories. Because of that, being able to live there would be everyone’s dream. And one of the easiest ways to be domiciled here is to own property.

Of course, it is not accessible if the desired type of property is located in big French cities, such as Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and so on. The best recommendation is to look for types of properties that are still vacant in suburban or rural areas. It can be the best choice, especially for those who prefer serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. There are more available properties there compared to those in urban areas.

French chateau near Nantes

Rural areas in France

Although France is one of the most developed countries on the continent, there are still rural areas and suburbs. It shows that although the big cities have developed rapidly, the development has not been evenly distributed because other areas can still develop further. It can be seen from a large number of vacant lands available or various property lots that the developer has not followed up on yet.

Like in many other European regions, various remote and rural areas in France also have conditions and situations that are not much different. Expanses of no man’s land and vast nature conservation, canyons bustling with various endemic elements of life, and unspoiled streams that flow from the hills to the lower plains; this is what can be found in such genuine areas. Those who choose to live in such an area will undoubtedly find an unparalleled serenity that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

France’s rural vs. metropolitan

It would be something so different when compared to the metropolitan cities there: skyscrapers that stand majestically in the midst of the crowds of the city, heavy traffic in rush hours, and a lifestyle that wallows as the pinnacle of the world’s fashion center; indeed, this will be very contrasting when compared with the description of the rural area above. Even so, these two contrasting conditions can live well together – balancing an equivalent of life that forms harmony.

It is one of the advantages that can be obtained by those who decide to live in France. They can easily reach the masses of the world’s leading big cities while retaining authentic European nature. This balance also makes France the right choice in finding a property lot. There is still quite a lot of room for anyone to participate and take part here. But some things also need to be considered in order to get there, one of which is to choose places where the effects above can take place.

French chateau near Nantes

Nantes is where rural meets metropolitan

Among many big cities in France, there is one of them there: the Nantes. As one of the cities where civilization meets preservation, Nantes is certainly one of the right choices and the best place based on the description above. When viewed from its own condition, Nantes is a metropolitan that is not as big as the others. It reportedly ranks 6th as the largest city in France, right after the City of Nice, which occupies the 5th position.

Seeing this condition, it is natural that the city can bring together rural and urban areas within its limits – making it possible for people living in Nantes to enjoy aspects of city advancement and preservation of rural areas. Nantes also significantly emphasizes France’s geopolitical aspect on its metropolitan side. From its various prospects of city development, Nantes has many crucial factors considered important, both at the regional and global levels. It can be seen in many things: its own architecture, notable landmarks, population size, the form of government, the economy, and others.

Even so, it does not mean that Nantes countryside does not contribute significantly. Through agricultural prospects, the rural area of Nantes gives its best signature. Nantes is famous for its vineyards as a source of commodities for the manufacture of white wine products, which have become very popular among worldwide wine lovers. It shows that the countryside owned by Nantes can also accord through its own repertoire and can still continue to grow without losing its ruralness identity.

French chateau near Nantes

Nantes rural area for property choices

With this potential, the residents of Nantes will undoubtedly be able to enjoy the serenity of the rural areas there for several years to come. In addition to the large amount of vacant land available, its agricultural potential can also prevent the development of urban development from spreading to rural areas. After all, the urbanization development that often makes natural areas and countryside become increasingly worn and disappear – is not a concern that can be found in Nantes.

It is one of the advantages of living there: its conservative preservation can survive without hampering the pace of advancement in the surrounding area. Cities around Nantes can continue to grow bigger and bigger without fear of wearing down their local and rural wisdom. And most importantly, its rural areas will still be well-maintained: as a fertile area that is synonymous with plantations and farms.

It can be important for those interested in or considering looking for property, particularly in rural Nantes. You do not need to be afraid that your rural property will eventually change its function and become an extensive city landscape. You can still feel the peace of pastoral Europe in the midst of uninhabited plantations and green expanses as far as the eye can see. It is the tranquil atmosphere many people are looking for – and this is precisely what they will find in the Nantes rural area.

French chateau near Nantes

Owning property in rural Nantes

One of the essential aspects when deciding to own property in rural Nantes is the type of property available there. There are many properties, most of which are suitable in rural areas. But that does not mean that the available options are limited. With the existence of vast empty ​​land, enthusiasts can still choose and develop any type they want. Therefore, having vacant land in a rural area like in Nantes means having an open property with various forms of possibilities.

However, of the many possible property types, the best recommendation is to choose the type of property in the form of a French chateau. This recommendation is based on its utility factor, where a chateau can be flexibly shaped according to the various specific needs desired by the owner. Not only that, but the chateau also has various additional values ​​that can significantly increase its proprietorship value.

French chateau near Nantes

Owning a French chateau as a form of tenure

Judging from its shape, a French chateau is a type of residential property. It can be seen from its function, mainly used for residence. But something that needs to be underlined is that a chateau is not just an ordinary residence. It bears a specific function as a form of residential property.

When viewed from the historical aspect, the chateau fits the description above: where the stories of the king’s daughters and princes often occur as fictional stories. These were set in ancient Europe, especially France. They involved many forms of property, one of them is the chateau as the background of the place.

Although they are mostly just sagas or fiction, they are not entirely wrong. Several historical facts can be taken from there, one of which is the existence of the chateau as a property owned by the nobility. Various chateaus that have been and are still standing since medieval times are mainly the legacy of feudal aristocratic families. Apart from incising a historical value, their antiquity provides a thick aesthetic element of classical European eras.

These ancient chateaus were residences of nobles in rural areas – usually used as summer homes and leisures. It is their way to escape from various royal and state duties: visiting their properties far from civilization. That’s why a French chateau will be designed to resemble their living in urban areas. Various resplendent that are synonymous with luxury can certainly be found in them. There will be everyday things to find: chandeliers of crystal beads, a grand staircase with a red carpet stretch, Italian marble floors, Venetian stained glass, royal tapestry, and various other extravagances.

French chateau near Nantes

A French chateau in Nantes as a form of investments

For the type of chateau usually found in Nantes, most of them form longstanding castles on the outskirts that have been fortified and formed citadels. Of course, since such type contains many historical values, most of it has been taken over by the local government to be used as cultural heritage. Even so, several property developers and landlords in the Nantes area have built many new chateaus to serve as forms of long-term investment.

It is good news for potential buyers and enthusiasts who want to own properties similar to these ancient chateaus. Although people can’t directly own an authentic French chateau, at least a similar form of property can replace it. Not to mention being supported by rural areas that are still preserved, the existing essence can still be maintained.

Moreover, as a form of investment, a chateau can definitely provide a guarantee for a promising future. The newer chateaus unquestionably open up wider ownership opportunities given their intended function as a commercial form. It will be a different story if buyers and enthusiasts aim to own various original chateaus. It is because these various antique properties can only be obtained through hereditary inheritance in royal lineages – they cannot be transferred to just anyone.

French chateau near Nantes

Owning a French chateau – other advantages

With the mode of ownership described above, everyone can have the opportunity to own a chateau. It’s not limited to only the descendants of nobility, but the commoners can also experience life in rural areas: like a king on vacation. Not only that, but the various chateaus that exist today also have a more modern and flexible design to be developed into a form of residence that is friendly to the age. It is in contrast to various antique chateaus, which are considered old-fashioned and have a utility that is no longer relevant.

Therefore, the prestige of the French chateau is becoming more and more popular these days. Many property agents are selling it through their catalog lists. It, of course, is also based on the market demand, which also increases. Especially to buy it in Nantes’s suburbs, it’s not a stupid decision. With the prestige Nantes owned, such property investment is so worth it.

French chateau near Nantes

Buying a chateau in Nantes

As described above, property agencies have included a wide selection of chateau property lots in their product catalogs. It shows that to be able to easily buy and access a French chateau, especially in the Nantes area, you can go through various agent properties. Most of the chateaus offered by these agents are newer ones, developed in recent years. For this reason, the forms will be more contemporary and suitable to be lived in as an estate, both as permanent residences or recreationally.

Seeing this potential, potential buyers and chateau enthusiasts do not need to think too much if they want to own a property lot in the Nantes rural area. They can immediately visit the nearest property agent around them. Moreover, with the existence of increasingly advanced technology, all of this can be accessed via the internet and various sites that have been provided.

It is one of the easiest ways because, with transactions through a property agent, all matters related to the process of transferring ownership of the chateau can be directly resolved through only one door. Not only offering lots of available property, these various things include managing various ownership documents, buying and selling transactions, orienting new property owners to the surrounding environment, and so on.

French chateau near Nantes
French chateau near Nantes

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