Buying a House or Building a New One

If you want to move into a private home, you have two options: buy a finished building on the resale property market, or purchase land and build your home from scratch. To determine which option is better, we talked with specialists from Hertfordshire builder company. It turned out that both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Buying an Existing Home

Builders in Hertfordshire say that people often decide to buy secondary housing. The advantage of such a purchase is that you can move into the purchased property immediately and, as funds accumulate, repair/rebuild housing. The funds saved on purchasing dilapidated housing will be used to rebuild and restore it.


  1. Doubtful economy. You risk facing the fact that it is easier to demolish the building and build a new one.

  2. Eternal building. Repairing and redeveloping housing as funds accumulate takes a lot of time. When considering buying old housing, carefully study the proposed options, especially the condition of the building.

Obviously, these factors are not the reason to forget about buying a house. You can hire a specialist to evaluate the state of the building and determine possible risks.

Construction of a New House

Specialists from Holmwood Construction prefer this variant. However, they admit that it has its downsides. It is a reliable way to purchase your own cozy home, the quality and reliability of which you can be sure. What is more profitable: to build a house or buy a ready-made one? They will tell you the pros and cons of private construction. If you are not ready to pay for an old home, fix someone else’s building mistakes, or spend time, money, and effort looking for the perfect ready-made option, buy a plot and start building your own home.


  1. The construction process can take several years. Additional costs for hiring builders.

  2. The probability of “colliding” with unscrupulous builders. The likelihood of an increase in construction costs.

  3. Inflation affects all spheres of the country, including the construction market.

  4. Building materials, prices for construction, and finishing works may gradually rise, increasing the final cost of construction.

Many of the shortcomings of this method are easily eliminated. For example, select responsible builders St Albans can offer. You can also immediately purchase a complete set of building materials to avoid a possible rise in price.


On average, the cost of finished housing is 25-30% higher than the cost of building your home. Considering that for the purchase of housing, the entire cost of real estate must be laid out immediately, the answer to the question of what to do: buy or build a country house, becomes evident to many. It will be more accessible to build it, subject to a careful approach to the choice of the project, the construction team, a reasonable approach to the choice of building material, and independent control of each stage of construction. If the future homeowner is not competent in construction, you can delegate your control authority to a qualified person.

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