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France, famous for its monuments

France, famous for its monuments, such as the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower, is a dreamland for tourists and visitors. France comprises land that is mostly flat or rolling hills in the north and west and mountainous in the south and east. It surpasses the average in safety, social connections, civic engagement, and work-life balance. We know that French people love eating croissants. They make magnificent wine. But there are a lot more things that this beautiful country is famous for. Let’s discuss.

Some interesting facts about France:

  • France is the favorite place for tourists and it has become the most visited place in the world.
  • It has the largest museum (the Louvre) in the world.
  • The French eat up over 25,000 snails every year.
  • France is smaller than Texas state.
  • France usually produces 1,500 kinds of cheese.
  • France’s only king lasted for twenty minutes only.
  • Its supermarkets do not throw away food.
  • Above all, it is famous for its French living style, chateaux, and unique interior.

France is popular for its culture, fashion, art, language, and cuisine

Today France has become one of the most advanced countries in the world. It is considered a better leader amongst European nations. French cuisine is the finest because cooking and eating is not just their necessity but a part of their culture.


French people portray a very unique rich culture in the world. Having a detailed knowledge of French culture, fashion, cuisine, language, and lifestyle can help you have a healthy, sound, and satisfied living here. Let’s throw some light separately on these cultural aspects.

Its culture is commonly associated with Paris. Paris is the center of art, architecture, fashion, and cuisine. But, in other regions outside of the city, these aspects vary. Very well said by De Rossi, for culture,


Fashion in France is sophisticated and trendy, nowadays. A routine outfit commonly includes suits or dresses with long coats or scarves. Paris, the center of fashion, is home to many international brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. France influenced fashion with the advent of Louis XIV in the 1600s. It became popular for its luxury goods throughout Europe, during that time.


French people are deeply in love with art. Their hobbies and professions both reflect their compassion and respect for craftsmanship. Its cinema, painting, and literature are symbolic in the world. The Louvre is the largest and most visited art museum in the world. You will also find artists in the streets, painting and showing their talent.


88% of the people speak the French language. The rest of the people speak French as their second language. There are several other languages spoken by other communities within

France. Hence, minority languages are spoken in particular areas, such as Flemish in the northeast, German in eastern provinces, and Italian in the southeast.


The family has been the bonding unit of French society from generation to generation. The families include two types of structures: extended and nuclear. There are also family structures like single-parental households or PACS (civil union).


Unity and equality are the basic values in France, that the French society rightly reflects. The people take pride in the artistry and beauty of their country. Family and relations keep a major place in their values. They often arrange for extended family feasts and usually gather for weekend meals.


French cuisine and wine are integral parts of life at all socioeconomic levels. You will often find much socializing done around and huge dinners in the household. Food is usually related worldwide to haute cuisine (high cooking), but its food traditions are important as well.

Maryann Tebben, who is a professor of language and literature at Bard College, wrote in her book, Savoir-faire: A History of Food in France,

“Authentic French cuisine represented by the family meal belongs to the people, and rhetorically to the provinces. Nostalgic ‘cuisine de Grand’Mere’ rivals French haute cuisine for the crown of identifiably French food”.

In France, food is meant to be enjoyed. It is made with exceptional care, and mealtimes are considered prime time for socializing. French cooking is famous worldwide that includes many varieties of cooking styles, dishes, and ingredients. For instance, Burgundy is known for beef and Normandy cuisine for seafood and cheeses. It has modernized now from traditionally heavy sauces and complicated preparations to reflect lighter fare. So, we are not wrong by concluding that French traditional cuisine is characterized by its bread, sauces, wines, and cheeses.

The French Climate

France has a variety of climatic zones. The reason for this certainty is the area of the country and it is spreading out from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. It has mild winters and moderate-warm summers in the northwest. There is a continental climate with somewhat severe winters in the east: far from the Atlantic coast. On the Mediterranean coast, winters are warmest while summers are persistently hot

Well-mannered and Friendly People

The French people are famous for their good manners and friendly behavior. You may find that people take the time to savor their food with an appreciation for great dining. They dress formally and have intellectual conversations. But they will never boast about their beautiful house or wealth. Having a home and living in such circumstances, and being among these tremendous people is none other than just an awesome pleasure.

The most lovable attribute of the French people is their politeness. They own the most splendid etiquettes known to man. If you visit a restaurant or a shop or a bar in France, not only the staff with the manager will greet you, but will all the other customers too. They surely will bid goodbye when you leave. If you return the same greetings as gratitude for their good wishes, they will respond by showing the gesture ‘De Rien’, which means it’s nothing.

They have a unique taste for home decor. A shabby-looking house can have a gorgeous palatial interior. And if you plan to buy a house in France, do not mislead yourself by viewing a slightly unappealing exterior. You never know the interior of the house can do wonders.

The typical French home

If you are in search of a house, you must not ignore the characteristics of a typical French home. Most people dream of owning a house with a garden built to custom specifications. it can be a difficult task to have a house of your own choice, but these aspects of French housing might be very helpful to reduce your struggle.

The architectural significance of the French chateaux includes signature features. All of these features work together to create a distinctive stylish house. The characteristics of the modern French homes are:

  • Angled roofs, slope down to eaves on all of the sides.
  • The double-story building with high-pitched rooflines.
  • Brick, stone, and stucco exterior.
  • Hipped roofs with two slopes on both ends and both sides.
  • Large multi-paned windows.
  • Huge towering chimneys.
  • Attics.
  • Fairy-tale-like towers or gables.
  • Arches.
  • Doorways and windows decorated with stone work.

Common design in French houses

The French homes are much different than that of the American or other regions of the world. These houses have commonly enclosed fences, walls, or hedges. The reason for this feature is to keep the family life private from outside activities.

Stylish Furnishing

Fashion has a vital role in everyday life in France. So, it’s natural that design and style make their way into a French house. The stylish French furniture is one of the major highlights of French home decor.

Services Provided to People

People receive a diverse range of services, that include social and administrative services. These are health, education, transport, local government, and communication services.

Employees along with their families can enjoy basic facilities from the French comprehensive social security system. They are as under:

  • Government Pension Increments.
  • Illness and Occupational Insurance.
  • Allowances for Families.
  • Benefits for Unemployed People.
  • Health, Disability, Maternity, Paternity, and Death Insurance.
  • Job Opportunities in France

France is one of those countries which is full of opportunities. It does not lack jobs, but what it requires is skills. It offers thousands of vacant positions for computer engineers, carpenters, butchers, and machine operators. You will never come across any job difficulty while living here. Along with a compatible job, you will enjoy social security benefits, too.

France’s top industrial zones are technology, agriculture, transport, manufacturing, energy, and tourism. So, if you want to adopt a career in a corporation, the doors are open for you here.

There are also vast opportunities for an independent business. You will just have to register your company with the specific organization. You will also get a 4–5-day training course on how to start and run your own business. For commercial and industrial businesses, there are optional courses available too.

Education Facilities in France

Whenever you choose a place to buy a home, the biggest point to worry about is the education facility there. There are thousands of private and public educational institutions in France. You would have a wide choice to make, such as schools, universities, schools of arts and architecture, and Grandes Ecoles.

There are unlimited places centrally located within walking distance of many schools, restaurants, boutiques, bars, museums, etc. Schools provide an excellent environment with airy and bright classrooms, libraries, comfortable student lounges, and internet corners.

Until the age of 20, health insurance is free for students. So, you only have to think about the cost of living and books.

Transport Facility in France

Before buying a house, one should always look for transport availability. So that daily traveling could not be too challenging. France keeps a convenient public transport system. Its means of transportation are the best in the world, including the fastest high-speed trains, limited affordable buses, fast and reliable Metro system, and Air France; a complete service international airline. Using these means of transport makes traveling a breeze across the country. Most cities have tram lines, which make moving around simple and fast.

Traveling by train is convenient if you want to get between the French cities. The French national railway runs an active system, with comfortable seats and a clean atmosphere. There are three levels of pricing, such as Standard, Standard Premier, and Business Premier. Just choose the right one according to your pocket size.

Getting around the city is easiest through le Metro (the Metro). Metro stations are easy to identify due to the street signs that display a big M.

You can also rent a car if you do not feel like traveling by any public transport. Driving on the highway in France is usually a relaxed affair. But city driving can be more difficult and stressful than highway driving. It is better to park your car on the outskirts before entering the city and then use the bus, tram, or Metro to reach your destination.

Entertainment in France

Most of us know that Paris is a hub of entertainment. France takes pride in offering entertainment and nightlife activities. Theaters are one of the major sources of entertainment here. The social Parisian shows, with little or no dialogue, that anybody can easily understand. You can easily find some theaters near your residence in the city.

Another prominent form of entertainment that comes to mind is Cabarets. That is something that you must see at least once. There are also shows enacted about cabaret and its history.

Learning about French culture is also a way of entertainment itself. The French theater offers many plays, educating newcomers about French culture. The French entertainers are welcoming and warm. They do not spare anybody by mocking them and never let any single chance go to make you laugh.

Recreation and Sports

The French people have a taste for new sports activities, such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing. Other than these common forms of games, they have adopted nonphysical pastimes like reading, talking, eating, going to cinemas, etc.

Organized sports have a significant place in French society. Therefore, football, skiing, tennis, cycling, swimming, boules, basketball, golf, and martial arts are the most popular activities.

Health Care Facilities

The health care system of France is known as one of the best in the world. This system is made up of a completely integrated network of private hospitals, public hospitals, doctors, and other medical centers. This system equally provides health care services to every citizen, irrespective of age, wealth, and social status.

Living in a place where medical facilities are lacking is no less than a nightmare. That’s why buy a house in France, where you can have medical treatment at your arm’s length in an emergency.

Advantages of living in France

  • There are several advantages of living in France. We can sum up these in some points.
  • France has a very affordable property market. It offers a wide range of cheap real estate that in comparison to other countries, is quite economical.
  • It keeps a thought-out system to boost new companies and innovations.
  • It is the land of opportunities for the locals as well as foreigners.
  • Its advanced education system makes it one of the best countries in Europe to acquire higher education.
  • France has lovely beaches and a romantic atmosphere with mesmerizing places to visit.

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